Interesting polling call last night. Someone testing anti-Shantel research through a poll.

I was out of the house most of last night, seeing my dad in the hospital, meeting with a candidate, and doing a bail bond. When I finally rolled back in, my wife noted to me that she received an interesting polling call.

It started out innocuous enough, but soon went out into several “if you knew Shantel Krebs did this”.. or “voted for this”.. would it affect your vote for the candidate? And some of the questions were harsh. She was asked “if she knew that Shantel supported putting monitors in personal vehicles, would it make her more likely or less likely to support the candidate,” and it ramped up from there.

It hit on Krebs’ support for the national popular vote movement, increased taxes, lack of transparency, her ‘Facebook Page scandal,’ etc. Some of the statements were so harsh my wife had to stop them and question whether they were true. She eventually hung up, but indicated the messages they were testing were very direct and pulled no punches.

I did ask team Dusty if they were in the field polling, and they indicated they were not. So it’s unknown whether the Tapio campaign or a third party is out there seeing what the best way is going to be to take the bark off of Krebs in the campaign.

But someone is out there seeing what might work.

Stay tuned.

45 thoughts on “Interesting polling call last night. Someone testing anti-Shantel research through a poll.”

    1. I’m sure dusty would confess to negative questions. Yeah right. It could be either.

      They both know shantel is going to win.

      1. Riiiight….

        Did they ask about her perfect legislative voting tally of supporting ObamaCare streamlining in South Dakota too?

        Real Trump gal there. Sure thing.

        1. True, Shantel fell in line with SB 38 in 2011.

          There were principled conservatives in both the house (like Jenna, Brunner, Bolin, Brock) and the senate (like Corey and Maher) who voted against that bill.

          Shantel did not vote with those conservatives.

          1. A smile wide and an inch deep….

            Shantel is and has counted on her glib social manner and beauty queen pedigree to write her ticket. Her voting record shows it.

  1. They said she was the prime sponsor for the National Popular Vote legislation in South Dakota. If this is true she’s lost my vote.

      1. This was brought up by the Pat Miller campaign at the convention in 2014. I believe Bob Gray was the person pushing it hardest in the legislature. Who knows why.

        At convention this issue backfired on Miller and the Gant forces opposing her.

        No one should support the National Popular vote though.

        1. It backfired on a convention floor where it was spun and leveraged and covered with tissue paper and lye. It will not fail on the ears of conservative South Dakota voters who aren’t subject to the manipulated arm twisting of delegate captains and precinct chairs.

            1. Tends to be an issue when someone sponsors a bill promoting something they don’t support. Ask around.

  2. Tapio running a scorched Earth political campaign? Say it ain’t so. Shantel is in a difficult position.

      1. Yep. Scorched earth for someone to research a voting record. Wish voters would. Wish blog site trolls would, too.

  3. She was a prime sponsor of National Popular Vote. She must want 3 states to decide the presidency from here on out. She will not get my vote in any way shape or form now that I know this.

  4. How is asking truthful questions about any candidate’s issue positions harsh!?! That’s what we should want to know about anyone who wants to be our representative in DC.

  5. I don’t care who’s doing the poll but I do think it’s important that we know the truth about candidates their positions and their voting records. If exposing someone for what they have done is scorched earth then so be it.

  6. I can not believe the South Dakota Secretary of State supported the national popular vote. Had did she get elected?

    1. I distinctly remember Brock Greenfield and Krebs addressing this from the podium at convention. I see no reason why she wouldn’t address it again.

      1. Yes. Good ole Brock and Shantel. Making excuses again for being moderate water carriers for the Gub’s office. Fantastic. Can’t wait.

    2. Does the South Dakota Republican Party support the National Popular Vote? If not why did they elect her?

  7. They also listed the federal and state election laws that she broke with linking the vote605 app to her campaign page. Why did she not get prosecuted for this?

  8. Why not call / contact the Tapio campaign and ask them ? Give them the same opportunity offered to the Johnson campaign – the opportunity to confirm / deny.

    1. Yes. Inquiring minds want to know who had the audacity to out the princess’s voting record. The nerve. The gall. The….common sense.

      Might consider there are other interests at play that don’t want a candidate with a conservative lineage as fake as her hair?

  9. Is Shad going to make a statement regarding this on behalf of the Tapio campaign?

      1. Shad will always make a statement about anything –he likes to hear himself talk

      2. Do you have any specific instances of them acting like they hate women and minorities? Nope, you don’t. I am a woman, I’ve spoken with Tapio and he was respectful and interested in hearing my thoughts. I think you’re just blabbering nonsense, thanks for playing.

  10. If I had known she voted in favor of the national popular vote there’s no way I would have voted for her. Anyone who is in favor of that should never have been elected Secretary of State. Shame on the South Dakota Republican Party for allowing her to become the chief election officer!

    1. Obviously it’s much more important who commissioned the poll than the fact that Shantel backed a bill to abolish the Electoral College. Sort of like attacking the Russians, or Wikileaks or Trump for outing Hillary’s emails. The similarities are rich.

  11. The idea that someone would need a dousing rod to determine whether abolishing the Electoral College or streamlining ObamaCare in South Dakota would be political hemlock for a Congressional candidate billing herself as a Trumpian populist is malarkey. No one with an ounce of acumen would think otherwise. Shantel is running against and away from her own record on both issues and hoping no one takes the time to notice.

    1. Trump has been all over the map for years. Thune is mr. Conservative until 1.3 trillion stares him in the face. Tapio is the same as the rest. Power is what most of these people want.

  12. Just got a phone “survey” that was just statements bashing Shantel Krebs and asking opinion of those statements. The number was 605-252-7504

    Who controls that number?

      1. Was the number spoofed? Could it be someone from Prairie Country PAC or from Americans First Task Force?

  13. I don’t consider stating facts about how Krebs sponsored and voted for the national popular vote to be “bashing” her. The voters should know the fact about all candidates before casting their vote.

    1. Krebs was not the prime sponsor nor did she have the opportunity to cast a vote for or against popular vote. She did sign on as a co-sponsor in the senate but it was tabled in committee at the request of the prime sponsor, Bob Gray.

  14. God, You know I really can’t stand this guy…I would rather see him choke than speak. But Your word says in 1Peter 3: 9 to “Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t snap back at those who say unkind things about you. Instead pray for God’s help for them….” So God, I’m sorry for the things I have said about him. I still want to hate him, so You need to give me grace to be able to pray for him. I’m asking that you give me Your eyes to see him and Your heart to understand his situation. Father God, bless him, let him know you have watched his life and you know him and love him as your son. Let him feel the pride You have in all his accomplishments. And when he met with failure, help him to see where You were with him even when he thought You had abandoned him. Show him how you went through his suffering with him. Place your powerful hands on his shoulders, lift up his chin and smile on him.Give him Beauty for ashes. Heal all his ailments. Carry all his burdens and let Pat know you are proud of him and want him in the plan you have for his life. Amen

  15. Why didn’t she get in trouble for linking her official Secretary of State page through the vote 605 app to her campaign page? Tapio is bringing up issues that she is going to have to answer for.

  16. I got that call too. A woman’s voice, all automated, you push 1,2,3,or 4 to answer. First they asked your opinion of Tapio, Krebs, Johnson, Daugaard, and Trump. Then it asked who you would vote for between the three running for US House. Then it asked several biased and slanted questions if you knew these things about Krebs’ voting record/past positions, and asked if/how knowing these things would affect your support of her. Then it asked again ,after knowing these things, how you would vote in the US House race. Interestingly, the 3 names were listed in a different order than when first asked. Also interesting was how Tapio’s name was mispronounced as Ta-PEE-oh , not TAP-ee-oh. It should be noted that such a call, when done more than 60 days before election day and not advocating for a certain candidate, does not have to give a disclaimer as to who paid for it. This law was broken by Daugaard in 2012, when his campaign fund paid for several similar calls in various Republican Legislative primary race districts across SD. They were made in mid-April , which was within 60 days of that year’s June primary. Although they didn’t advocate for a certain candidate, it broke the 60-day rule since there was no disclaimer. AG Jackley was informed of this, but in typical protect-the-administration fashion, did nothing except say they could bring a lawsuit if they chose to. What legislative candidate has the time or money to take on the admin in Pierre ? I’m not sure who I will vote for yet in the House race, but I am supporting Noem for Gov since Jackley is nothing but part of the ongoing problems in Pierre.

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