Interview with Lora Hubbel

This week on KCPO’s The Facts, I’ll be interviewing new SD Legislator Lora Hubbel from District 11.

Any suggestions for questions?  I’ll be taping tomorrow.

The show will air Sunday at 10:30 a.m. &  p.m.

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  1. Voter

    What is it in your life that gives you the most satisfaction?
    Right now in South Dakota it is illegal for women who chose to have their babies at home to be attended by someone who is educated and trained to assist in normal birth at home. Do you think that this should be changed? Do you think that South Dakota should provide a way for Certified Professional Midwives to practice legally in our state?
    Do you think that more competition would improve our public schools?

  2. Name

    What waste of time did you do this week? Could session be shortened by 2 weeks and save you the kuchen belly everybody gets during their first year? Will guns be allowed on the house floor? I’m serious. Will guns be allowed on the House floor? Word out there is that some luggerhead is going to propose wearing guns on the House floor. Even PP can’t make this stuff up,.

  3. 73*

    Ask her what she thinks of the Feds voting to raise the debt cieling.

    I’m curious to know her response sinse she was one of the conservative voices running for office this year.

    I also hope she supports midwives.

    1. Kristi Golden

      Why not….I’ll be interviewing different legislators during the next several weeks of session — and after as state policy discussions don’t end with the end of the legislative session. As a new member of the legislature, her perspective should be very interesting.

      1. Name

        I know Lora a little bit and she is nice but she is out there on some things. Like mostly that she can be sefl righteous and combative. Anyone ever watch her meet the candidates video?

        I like having her in Pierre because she is true to her principles so she will hold moderates to their word but she is also not good for the big tent kind of thing.


    Ask her if she is going to propose or support stupid legislation like the hunting coyotes from snowmobile law when we are in the midst of a budget crisis. They are gonna cry that they dont have enough legislative days to do the people’s work and yet they continue to waste our time with the anti GF&P stuff. Ask her to heed Daugaards advice and not propose laws just to make a name for herself or because of a score to settle with an agency of government like the West River ranchers like to do.

  5. CaveMan

    SDREDSTONE—How does the controlling of coyote numbers from snowmobiles when the airplanes have been grounded come off as anti-GF&P? Protection of property in cow/calf country makes a much better springboard for conversation. Find out how many coyotes there are in EastRiver and then get the number of planes trips made by the Feds(who took over that wing of predator control) and you might get a clearer picture of why this may become an important bill. It is all about personal property protection rights SDRED.


      They arent going to be able to “control” coyote populations with snowmobiles. They will be able to chase them to exhaustion so they can shoot them though. It isnt the shooting from a snowmobile that bothers people it is the chasing and harrassing. It will be interesting to see what GFP has to say about this versus no common sense Betty.
      Let’s allow snowmobiles if ranchers agree no more governemnt trappers or airplanes. Hows that for a trade off for the so called private property rights folks?

      1. Stop chasing animals!!!!!!!!!

        It is disgusting. I have a neighbor who chased an animal to death on his snowmobile a few years back and another neighbor saw it and put a shot in his engine with his shotgun when he pulled onto the road. I think that was the last time the stupid kid ever chased an animal.

        I personally would like to see those who’d chase animals to death put in jail as opposed to being encouraged. You also hear about this being done with deer. If chasing one animal on a snowmobile is encouraged they will chase others. Farmers don’t like deer either.

  6. CaveMan

    I love being the BLOG__+__KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C’mon REDSTONE, make it happen here. Where are you? Blow your cool a bit and battle with you head instead of your emotions…………………………………..

  7. Lora Hubbel

    i think chasing a coyote, or any animal on a snowmobile is henious…i can’t imagine any legislator seriously supporting that type of legislation. If a coyote is attacking your stock animals – then i can see humanly shooting it. We should focus on bills that have a possiblility of getting a house vote. These bills have not even made it TO committee, more less have made it OUT of committee.

  8. CaveMan

    This is probably going to all be a mute issue anyways as the yote numbers are getting so high they are getting mange and will die once their fur falls off from the mange once enough of them have become infected.

    We don’t seem to have a problem with an airplane chasing a yote and shooting it but if done from a snowmobile it suddenly becomes henius. Interesting oxymoron.

      1. 73*

        Chasing an animal to death is immoral. As a conservative Republican I hope this legislation goes down.

        Suggest to the farmers that they get audio calls and go shoot a few with a rifle.

  9. Les

    If cave man knows no other or has no other way to take care of his predator problem, it will be what he has at his disposal, unless you prefer to subsidize his death loss personally?

  10. Les

    If wildlife belongs to everyone and everyone has a say in what is right about handling wildlife, then everyone should have a hand in protecting farmer Jones from the depredation from that same wildlife.


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