Is Gordon Howie sufficiently "Tea Party?"

I thought it was a fair question considering he labeled himself the “Tea Party candidate for governor” in 2010 and has now decided to start reviewing select legislation ranking legislators based on their voting records and his interpretation of the Republican party platform.

Based on Howie’s previous positions and legislative record, how does he hold up under the microscope?

Remember, you can pick any number of issues you choose, and they can range from anything you interpret as Tea Party orthodoxy.

55 Replies to “Is Gordon Howie sufficiently "Tea Party?"”

  1. Anonymous

    The Tea Party leader who wanted to raise taxes when he was in the legislature? Howie would do some good if he stopped campaigning.

    1. Anonymous

      He was late, yes, but he did pay the taxes. Kind of like Tom Daschle. Didn’t pay them until he was nominated for a post with Obama.

  2. Anonymous

    1 word; fraud. Labeling himself CEO of a media group and a nationally syndicated author is nuts. Gordon Howee is not national he’s not syndicated and having a new website and blog does not constitute a media group or make anyone an author.

    Labeling himself the TEA Party candidate was more self promotion. He wanted that for himself. However the TEA Party in it’s day didn’t have personalities or one face.

    Gordon Howee tried to raise taxes for some so his taxes would be less. Understandable in light of his substantial tax problems. Corruption at it’s best.

  3. Gary Jerke

    To those who hide behind anonymous and other labels I want it to be know here that I consider Gordon a good and honest man who has his shortcomings as you, I and all who read this do. I consider him a friend and would invite all of you to turn away from your political positioning and attack mentality and join togather and make our country the great nation it once was and can be again. A cup of coffee on me to any who want to discuss issues with civility.

    1. Anonymous

      Gary is a GREAT individual!

      Gary you should tell Gordon to stop slamming Republicans over nothing.

      1. Anonymous

        I do not consider myself GREAT (as you put it) nor mediocre. Just someone who cares about his country. I hope to have a talk with Gordon down the road but where correction is due no matter what label we wear it should be expressed but in a way that we used to call “tough love” when we were raising our children and use in other relationships as well.

        1. troy jones

          Tough love or another expression of love, I just want to hear the love. Not sure I hear much love, expecially when it is prefaced or concluded with “Go be a Democrat you scummy liberal” or attacks of corruption.

          1. Bob Ellis

            Maybe if there was less arrogance and defiance from those who are on the wrong side of Republican values and the platform, you’d hear more of that love.

  4. grudznick

    As an old man who supported Mr. Howie in his governatorial run, I can tell you he did not live up to what he told me he would be.

    As far as this Mr. Ellis fellow who seems to be disjointed and rant almost insanely, I can tell you he would not find much support among the Conservatives with Common Sense breakfast group. He would be verbally beaten about the head and shoulders with his own nonsensical nonsense.

      1. BF

        When it comes to truth and common sense, Ellis, both squirt from your grip like a pair of greased pigs each time you engage your keyboard.

        1. Bob Ellis

          Spoken by a person who demonstrates every time he touches a keyboard that he wouldn’t recognize truth and common sense if it bit his nose off, and wouldn’t have the slightest clue what had hit him.

      2. grudznick

        It is sad when a conservative such as myself must do this to a fellow such as you.

        I hereby beat you verbally about your head and shoulders to a degree that you cannot withstand for long without calling others names.

        1. Bob Ellis

          You embrace a liberal position, accuse me of being insane for pointing out the obvious, and then have the audacity of claiming to be a conservative? Typical liberal liar. You and truth are like oil and water. What a shame there is so little intellectual meat at this website; Pat used to work so hard to make it a valuable resource.

          1. grudznick

            Is “my liberal position” anything that’s not in line with “Mr. Howie is correct in everything he does?”

            If disagreeing with Mr. Howie makes me a liberal, Mr. Howie should send my money back.

        2. BF

          Grudz, Ellis is an alien. Hitting around the head and shoulders only works on people. With Bob you have to focus on the funny bone in the elbows. Pinching it just so will relax the sphincter muscle, allowing his brain to fall out.

          This will neither kill or silence him however, since brains in Bob’s species have long since become primarily a vestigal organ. Early in their evolution they developed an odd fashion habit of wearing their gluteus maximi as a type of headdress for long periods of time and the thinking organ migrated into the lower colon and for all but the basic motor and reflex operations, ceased to function.

          Caution, this has caused Bob’s species to become eternally constipated, so proceed with caution with the elbow maneuver. There will be a considerable flood of fecal material following the brain exodus.

          A note of hope. I have resucued several aliens thus afflicted who have gone on to live fairly normal lives once relieved of their species’ unfortunate culturally imposed condition. In fact, some days you would swear they were almost human.

          1. BF

            Grudz, here is an illustration of the above outlined fashion practice.

            Clearly it requires a certain nimbleness that neither you, nor I posses, so we should at least give Bob’s species props for gymnastic ability.

            My theory is they developed this facility as a result of overindulgence in various forms of circular reasoning.


  5. Anonymous

    Gordon Howie is a good and honest man. He would have turned this economy around with the help of Mr. Kermit Staggers.

    1. Pierre man

      How can you make a statement like that? Gordo couldnt even keep his business or keep up with his taxes….How would or could you expect him to turn around and run the state?

  6. insomniac

    Can’t we all just get along?

    I would like to see the TP gang offer up something constructive.

    Let it be known I am a TPer myself but they don’t represent the actions I appreciated with the TP in the original sense.

      1. BF

        No. Howie and Ellis can never be Democrats. When they listen to music they clap on beats one and four. You can spot ’em a mile away. Way too embarassing.

  7. mhs

    insomniac, you’re so right. What started as a groundswell fiscal conservatism movement quickly got hijacked by the black helicopter crowd and just plain old huckster opportunists like Mr. Howie & co.

  8. Oldguy

    Bob sounds just like Cory and Stace as it’s my way or you are dumb.(being nice here as they would be a lot harder) It’s playing a game of pickup basketball and not liking how the game is going so I am taking my ball and leaving!

    1. Bob Ellis

      GOP values and the GOP platform have been written down for many years. It’s not my way, but the GOP way. If you’re going to be on the team, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for the team members to play according to the team playbook.

    2. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

      Nobody likes a fixed game, especially when the Ref tells people he is forced to fix the game.

      Yeah, these people did nothing wrong… that is why it took them so many months to get things organized so they could come out and say “we did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky…”

      Just depends on what your definition of sex is people, get a clue.

  9. mhs

    Good for her:
    From today’s R.C. Journal:

    The leader of one of Rapid City’s two tea party groups has resigned, leaving the future of the two conservative groups in question.
    Barb Lindberg stepped down this week as the president of South Dakota Citizens for Liberty, which she had led since 2010.

    Lindberg said she was concerned Citizens for Liberty was going to attack Republican legislators who weren’t seen as sufficiently conservative.

    “I am not in agreement with attack messages,” she said.

    Read more:

    1. Bob Ellis

      Funny that she never expressed a single, solitary disagreement or reservation about identifying liberals as liberals (and heartily agreed with exposing JP Duniphan’s RINO record), prior to when the board removed her as president in 2010.

      1. BF

        Ellis can’t even hold his own group of fanatics together, and then has the nads to presume to tell the rest of the GOP what to do and how to act. This boy needs some serious therapy.

      2. grudznick

        Mr. Ellis. You are not a true conservative.

        *** grudznick is a Nationally Syndicated Author and the President of Conservatives wtih Common Sense, THE BEST Conservative Group in West River South Dakota ***

        1. Bob Ellis

          You have no idea what a true conservative is. You’re the typical liberal liar, just like the liberal deceivers who have infected the Republican Party. You bring your corrosive liberal ideas to the party, rebrand them as “conservative” or “Republican” and expect people to just ignore reality. Sorry, conservatives aren’t nearly as stupid as you think we are. The proof is always in the pudding, and when a “conservative” defends liberals and liberalism, it isn’t hard to figure out. Keep trying to fool yourself, because no conservative is stupid enough to buy your irrational prattle.

          1. grudznick

            I’m a nationally syndicated author, and the elected head of the best West River conservative group we’ve got here in South Dakota. And you’re not so you call names. Shame.

      3. J P Duniphan

        You are full of it Bob Ellis…I voted with my party and my caucus …check my record…and Barb was nasty and attacking on my campaign and had to admit in the Journal that she was wrong about me…check the record for a change……….please quit attacking me … I was pro business and supported my party … I am not in office anymore and very proud of the twelve years I was honored to serve the people of District 33 …you are as negative as she is…and I am finally saying something…find some one new to kick around better yet please stick to the facts and be more positive ..I voted against the abortion bill because I wanted the inclusion of rape and incest and life of the mother….a view many in SD share…we should be able to disagaree and not be disagreeable…you cannot seem to be…love to meet you anytime you want to talk about this in a non name calling manner…not sure you could do that sir…

        1. Bob Ellis

          Yeah, we know what your record shows (too many liberal votes), but after what these recent scorecards show, you may be correct that you indeed voted with your Democrat-leaning “Republican” caucus. Please, keep appealing to the facts, because they reveal you for the liberal RINO you are. When you’re ready to face the truth of what you are, then we can have a productive talk. Until then, I have better things to do than waste my time on a liberal in denial.

          1. BF

            Show of hands, how many here think Bob Ellis has better things to do than to address Ms. Duniphan’s reasonable request for civility?

  10. Elais

    From my liberal left wing, crazy perspective. Gordon Howie is not a Tea Partier, but an extreme social conservative. To borrow a quote a pundit from another website, he supports ‘Government small enough to fit into a uterus’.

  11. Bruce Whalen

    I was Tea Party before being Tea Party was cool. So when I saw people popping up proclaiming themselves as leadership, I grinned. But what do you expect from the Big Tent?

    On a similar note. My worry is the Libertarian/Republican/Tea Party all-in-one Republican member or candidate threatening to run Third Party as retaliation for not winning the title of Nominee. Splitting the vote for a Democrat to win is worse then getting blown out in a straight up race.

  12. anooner

    There really should be a subset with the Tea Party called the Me Party – as in agree with me or else. What Ellis, Howie, Sibby Nelse and others don’t get and can’t tolerate is that most R’s just dont trend as far right as they does. They just can’t process how people could have a more moderate, or God forbid, a centrist position. Ellis want the benefits and power of being the majority party, but demands the entire majority dwell with him in a narrow portion at the far right of the political spectrum. He is never going to get a majority of R’s to go that far right. So in his frustration he decides there are all these “bad” republicans out there starts the call for a purge. Ellis, did it ever occur to you that you are the minority? Why don’t you come around to the closer to the middle where things acutally get done, or get the hell out. I can just hear him now: “I will never compromise my true republican principles to placate a bunch of rinos, deceivers blah, blah, blah…”. I doubt he is capable of anything different. So, he will be left to tend his little garden outside his little hut, on his little political Elba.

    1. Bob Ellis

      As I have repeatedly made abundantly clear, we just want Republicans to act like Republicans, to act and vote in accordance with Republican principles that have been written down for years, with the GOP platform that has been written down for years. If you find fault with Republican principles and platforms, then your issue isn’t with me, but with the Republican Party itself. Which begs the question: if you can’t abide by the GOP values and platform, why are you misleading people by calling yourself one? And if you aren’t even calling yourself one, you’re sticking your nose in where it frankly doesn’t belong.

      1. BF

        Ellis: “…frankly, you?re sticking your nose in where it frankly doesn?t belong.”

        From the master butt-inski himself!
        (You can’t make this stuff up.)
        The only business Ellis has is everybody else’s.

  13. grudznick

    One of my granddaughter’s friends pointed this out to me. A movie promoted by Mr. Howie.

    This does not seem to be a movie that is up to Conservative values.

  14. eye pea

    Liberty means pooping upstream of someone elses well then argues that God gave him the right to do it.

    Pray for the death of the SDGOP: Psalm 109:8.

  15. Anonymous

    Ellis, do you have any idea how hard it is to take anyone seriously who believes the earth is 6 thousand years old? Yup,impossible!

    1. Bob Ellis

      Do you have any idea how hard it is to take anyone seriously who can’t think for themselves, and can only parrot illogical and contradictory guesswork that someone has tried to pass off as “science”? Let me tell you, it can be pretty difficult.