Is it a rumor if you leak stuff about yourself? Nelson hinting about some sort of campaign announcement.

In response to my column below about Stace Nelson “wanting his $8 but saying hell no to raising legislator pay,” Nelson came out with his standard and predictable retort, the same one he uses with everyone he disagrees with, calling them a RINO.

But in an odd twist, he drops a rumor out there. About himself:

(An emoji too…)   I’m not sure that you can call it a rumor if you write it about yourself. Unless he’s referring to one of the other rumors out there.  I did poke around, and no one has heard anything recently.  You have to go back a few months to find anything.

The last rumor I’d heard came from Lora Hubbel, who criticized Nelson, and claiming his preference for the Democrat in the race for Governor…

So it could be that he’s supporting the Dem, or wants to be his running mate, or something like that. Prior to that, in May I had noted what I’d heard:

Insiders don’t expect State Sen. Stace Nelson, who placed third in the 2014 US Senate primary, to jump in a major statewide race in 2018. I’ve had people cite both health and lack of funds as reasons he’d likely stay out, although as recently as this past legislative session, it was noted to me that he was trying to talk people into it.

Read that here.

I was told that he probably wouldn’t enter the race for a couple of reasons.  (He called me names after that post as well.)  So, loving the Dem, or not running, are the only two things we’ve heard to this point.

If Nelson is trying to let on he is doing something else, if he’s dropping information about himself and a campaign announcement, I’d call it more of a hint or telegraphing his intentions than a rumor, per se. If he’s running, I don’t know that it would come as a shock.  But by the same token, I don’t know that it would cause any fanfare, either.

As I’ve noted before, Lora Hubbel has a head start on him, and likely would be splitting some of the vote for the same universe of supporters.

So, Nelson trying to tell us he’s getting into the race? Meh.  Despite the claim of a ‘campaign announcement rumor,’ no one has been buzzing about it up to this point.

If he gets in, it would be what it would be.

20 Replies to “Is it a rumor if you leak stuff about yourself? Nelson hinting about some sort of campaign announcement.”

  1. Anon1

    Stace loves attention… None of this is about anything else. Wonder if he was locked in the barn the first 12 years of his life, and is trying to make up for that attention deficit now??

  2. grudznick

    Third Place Stace, running for Governor? In a jungle primary he’d come in fifth or sixth. I expect he’s begging Mr. Sutton to pick him as a running mate so he can rule over the legislatures with a giant circus mallet hollering “Point of Order!”

  3. Anonymous

    I heard Stace is going to announce that he will be Billy Sutton’s Lt Governor running mate. That makes sense since Stace spends most of his time working for Democrats and beating up on Republicans.

    1. TH

      That would make a great book or movie. “The cowboy and the Rodeo Clown” A story of social welfare and obstructionist politics.

      I might need to apply for that copy write

  4. Trey

    The problem with Stace is he always attacks, never really provides solutions that other people will get behind. Thus it doesn’t matter what he runs for, he has no path to victory. He can run against anything he wants, but true leadership is about working to get results, something he doesn’t have a track record of doing. He can go after Republicans all he wants, the reality is that all he’s doing is alienating himself and causing a distraction. Distraction is okay if you have ideas, not just complaints.

    1. Anonymous

      Well written and I agree Trey.

      Stace has no accomplishments except for a few (ok maybe a lot) of resolutions.

      Just like his fake news scorecards…he is the highest scorer…but no accomplsihments

  5. Anonymous

    I think Stace should run for “King of the Room behind the Chamber,” where he can rule over all on his porcelain throne.


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