Is the City of Brookings going to shut down the town even harder for 2 more months?

There’s a draft ordinance that appeared on the City of Brookings website today.. but then disappeared. However, someone made screenshots, and the language making its way across facebook seems to indicate that there might be a proposal to keep the town shut down through Christmas.

And all the restaurants that had opened? Well, those will be shut down to on-site service. The movie theater? Shut down. Barber shops & hair salons? Shut down. But don’t take my word for it. Read it below:

Ordinance 20 029 by Pat Powers on Scribd

(Updated with better copy)

22 thoughts on “Is the City of Brookings going to shut down the town even harder for 2 more months?”

  1. Summary of Brookings COVID-19 Public Health Thresholds
    Week Ending 10/16/20201.

    Is the epidemic controlled? No

    2.Is the health system able to cope with a resurgence of COVID-19 cases that may arise after adapting some measures? Yes, probably

    3.Is the public health surveillance system able to detect and manage the cases and their contacts, and identify a resurgence of cases in Brookings?
    a.Mitigation Level: No, 3-5 times more testing is needed
    b.Suppression Level: No, test positivity is 26%-36%, which is far from the 3% test positivity needed for suppression.
    c.Approximate time to receive test results: 2-3 days


    COVIDiots can’t even follow a simple mask mandate, ffs. I say we just nuke Brookings from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    1. So far, it has been shown that all of the mitigation efforts do very little. Masks are not much more than something that can make people say they are doing something about the virus. While it is true there are many more cases of the virus, we have also found that it is not nearly as deadly as had been advertised. People are coming down with the virus and getting better and feeling fine. There are certain groups of people who do need to be protected. Protect them. I don’t need to go into who. If you don’t know, then you have not been paying attention. It makes zero sense to close down commerce and destroy what economy there is. If you want to be so stupid that you cannot bring yourself to go out, that is your business. Stay home, you won’t be missed. But don’t force the rest of us to crawl down your tunnel. BTW, even the WHO is saying it is stupid to lock down businesses. Perhaps it would be best to just nuke all of the tyrants who want to close everything down. We’d all be better off.

      1. From duggersd: “So far, it has been shown that all of the mitigation efforts do very little”.

        OK. So why do some states have 1 percent positive cases and we have 35%?

        You don’t have to shut down, but you do have to use your brain. Masks, distancing and avoiding indoor crowds are the things they know are effective.

        This is a disaster. Sioux Falls now has one active covid case for every hundred people. In fact, the whole state does.

        Thanks a lot, Kristi.

        1. Because the SD DOH is full of liberals, and they’re lying about the numbers. Notice how the City Council never brings in any actual doctors as “experts”? All of their “experts” are people like the President of SDSU and the head of the Board of Education (who is taking credit for the fact that people under the age of 20 are essentially immune to SARS-CoV-2).

          Doing a simple online search would show you that masks and lockdowns only make things worse. And a ‘case’ simply means that someone tested positive, not that they are sick. Add in the fact that they are only testing people with severe symptoms, and the fact that the false positive rate for the PCR test is up to 90% (source: NY Times 8/29/2020), and it’s clear that there is no pandemic. Only a casedemic.

  2. There is a tropical storm Epsilon is about to hit Bermuda. I better get out my umbrella and mandate my neighbors do it too.

    1. yep
      Ilk get use his umbrella if it makes him “feel” safe.
      Most masks are about like stopping a mosquito with a chain link fence. It does little.

  3. Wasn’t there a Brookings City Council member smugly tweeting last week (or maybe it was the week before) how their masked mandate worked so well? Why is this needed if that’s the case?

  4. The cities had better do something. Cases are nearly ten times our July figures. But there won’t be any leadership coming from the governor’s office. We have ten times the death and illnesses just so Kristi Noem can gain approval from the anti-mask crowd.

    Mask mandates have worked very well in the vast majority of states. We, unfortunately, are proof of what happens when you ignore medical science.

    1. Ilk says they better do something. I don’t know about but that makes quake in my baby seal skin boots. Like very scary stuff.

    2. Look at the numbers. People tend to survive this affliction. The people who really need to be careful are those with some sort of mitigating circumstance. If you are over 70, be more careful. If you are diabetic, be more careful. If you are 18, chances are you will catch it and barely know it. I am subbing for a guy who is out with the China virus. He does not feel too bad, but lacks a sense of smell. My brother who is older got quite sick, but recovered quite nicely. Most of the people who die from this stuff have some other reason that makes the virus worse. If you want to hide in your basement, go ahead. The rest of us have a life.

  5. “If rights don’t preexist government, if they are simply whatever a government chooses to enforce, then no one is safe from the government’s whims.”

    If I lived in Brookings I would move.

  6. If we don’t start getting exposed to this thing, we will never have herd immunity and it will never go away. Don’t bother waiting for a vaccine; too many people are already saying they aren’t going to get it. How long are we all planning to live like we’re already dead? And what is the point of living that way?
    Just think of how we would be living now if 75% of us had gotten this over with before school had started. What are we supposed to do, wait until next summer?

      1. If herd immunity won’t work, if prior exposure does not protect anyone, if antibodies don’t last long enough, then a vaccine will never work. So why are they getting so excited about a vaccine? It’s not going to work, the experts have already told us that.
        Wait for it: the same experts who are telling us all the reasons a vaccine isn’t going to work will be the first to mandate the vaccine.

  7. Oh, it gets worse guys. Near the end of last night’s meeting, Councilwoman Leah Brink let it slip that the City Council is considering a VACCINE mandate.

    These people are out of control. They need to be stopped, NOW.

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