Is the OST paying someone 90k a year to fight the Keystone pipeline?

Bruce Whalen, former Republican Congressional Candidate, just shared this on his facebook page, and it was interesting enough to click on and read.

Bruce’s point was that he was asking whether anyone saw RFP’s on these expenses alleged to be “2013 General Fund Contracts/ Contractors OGLALA SIOUX TRIBE (OST CORPORATION).” Since I’m only a casual follower of tribal politics, I was more interested in the who and what: (Click to enlarge) OST contractorsI can’t vouch for the document, which Bruce linked to from the Oglala Oyate facebook page which prints a number of tribal related documents, and it’s only as good as it’s source, but if what Bruce is posting is accurate, one of the expenses was $90,400 to Debra White Plume for “Natural resources protection; tribal youth education & documentary making; women’s reproductive health project.”  

So, what’s the first thing that pops up when you Google “Debra White Plume?”  “Update from Debra White Plume of Oglala Nation on Blockade of Keystone XL Heavy Equipment trying to Cross Lakota Lands” and several other references to her activities directly designed to stopping the Keystone XL pipeline.

Which brings up the question; if this document is accurate and authentic, is the OST actually paying over 90k a year for her to fight the Keystone XL pipeline?

Because I would imagine $90,000 could do a lot of good elsewhere besides paying for a personal agenda.

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    1. Julie Gross (NE)


      HELL, it IS abortion!

      Custer could never have dreamt to kill NAs as efficiently as abortionists do, AND get paid to do it!

  1. anonymous

    Why are you assuming that all of her compensation is related to Keystone? Do you know if she derives compensation from whatever her Keystone-related activities may be?

  2. springer

    It’s hypocritical when the pro-aborts claim that the GOP is declaring a war on women, when half or so of the babies being aborted are women! And it’s becoming more scientifically clear with each year that an unborn baby is a baby is alive and feels pain. But the mantra of “war on women” has worked for the Dems and they will continue to use it. The GOP needs to find a really good way to counteract this statement, as it is untrue.

    I wonder if Sandra Fluke will show up again demanding her free birth control – maybe I should demand free blood pressure medicine. I know it’s not quite the same thing. BP medicine is medically necessary. Birth control is a personal choice and should be paid for by the person making that choice; and it isn’t expensive in the first place.

  3. Julie Gross (NE)

    “when half or so of the babies being aborted are women”

    In the US, abortions targeting females is shockingly prevalent, especially among Asian-Americans. Considering the cultural attitudes of plains NAs that are similar to Asian Americans, the preference for males would lead to a similar conclusion that much more that half of those aborted children of NA mothers are females.

    Yes, the war on women begins VERY early in the US.

  4. SDMike

    I live close to the OST reservation and it is the most pathetic area in the state and its not because of the poverty, but rather the litter in the area. If they was so worried about what “Mother Earth” would say about their own backyard, they would take care of their own backyard. The OST run a s***hole place. $90,000 would go a long way to hire some temporary help to clean up their reservation. I’m sick and tired hearing from some OST tribe member that someone is hurting “Mother Earth”

  5. Elais


    You are right, the war that conservatives wage on women starts VERY early, even before women become pregnant! Heck, it’s a wonder that conservatives haven’t yet mandated chasity belts and bringing back the practice of women as chattel!

    I’m sure it is an oversight that you’ll personally see too.

  6. Elais


    I had no idea you were a scientist! Can you tell your views on sex selection practices and freedom of parental choice?

  7. Coyote

    Good for you Debbie, keep up the activism and stop KeystoneXL.

    Every penny spent on your efforts are worth it, only wish the tribe had more money for more people to stop Keystone.

    What the tribe spends or how they spend it is nobody else’s business or concern.

    When Republicans clean up this corrupt state they created, then and only then, will they have the right to comment on what other nations do.


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