Is there a Doctor in the House?  Come November, there could be at least three or four in the Republican Caucus.

If I said that the incoming freshman class of Republican legislative candidates is darned impressive, I don’t think I’d be contradicted in that statement.

Republicans can point to at least three candidates running for the House of Representatives who have earned or are earning the title of ‘Doctor’ in their studies across a diverse range of disciplines. And if they’re successful in their campaigns, they will be bringing that talent and knowledge to the House Republican Caucus in January of 2019.

Dr. Paul Miskimins of Mitchell just filed his papers to run as a Republican for the House in Legislative District 20.

Miskimins received his Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from the University of South Dakota and graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. If successful, he would be the second Dentist in the State House, joining Dr. Leslie Heinemann of Flandreau.

Scyller Borglum of Rapid City has a surname that’s synonymous with the Black Hills region, and in addition to sharing a name with the carver of Mt. Rushmore, the professional background of this District 32 House Candidate has a similar association with rocks.

Because in addition to her work in the private sector, she’s graduating in May with Doctor of Philosophy in Geological Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  And to that impressive degree you can add her previous work earning a Masters of Science in Petroleum Engineering, a Masters of Theological Studies, and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

We also have Dr. Tamera Enalls of Sioux Falls joining the list, as she’s soon going to be officially announcing her candidacy for the House as a Republican in District 25.   Tammy, a Sioux Falls businesswoman, has her Doctor of Management, and is a published author & international speaker.

She was an author of 1994 Federal Crime Bill reform provisions and has been contributing to policy reform for the National Diversity Coalition at President Trump’s request.   She just missed being elected to the Sioux Falls City Council in 2016 as a first-time candidate by only 40 votes, so she’s energized to give campaigning another go.

And let me close this out by noting there will be another candidate with Dr. in front of their name announcing for the House later this week, but I can’t say who yet. Let’s just say we’ve heard his name before, and he’s going to be an energetic campaigner.

The best part – the GOP isn’t done yet. There are more great candidates coming!

Keep your browser bookmarked here and stay tuned!

12 Replies to “Is there a Doctor in the House?  Come November, there could be at least three or four in the Republican Caucus.”

        1. Anonymous

          Yeah really! Doing the hard work of recruiting, supporting candidates and building a local party unit or have a focus of getting stoned. Their facebook page says it all. What a joke!

  1. grudznick

    Is it Dr. Munsterman? Coming back to lead the bonecracker caucus to the lead dog position once again? There was a time, you know, when the bonecracker caucus called most of the shots in the legislatures.

    1. Mark Kampfe, DDS

      As a former dental classmate of Paul, I can attest to his integrity, character & willingness to do what is best for the citizens of Mitchell and all South Dakota.

  2. Anonymous

    Would a J.D. degree be considered a doctor? I guess I took the headline to mean medical doctors. No disrespect intended, just seeking clarification, and if they are running as Republicans, provided they aren’t associated with the RINO wing, I’m all for them.


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