Is this what we’re going to see through the fall if Trump is the nominee?

I caught this ad for the first time while having Lunch yesterday, and it just resurrects earlier concerns over Trump’s electability.

If he’s the nominee (God help us), can he win while facing a constant barrage of advertising like this?

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  1. Anne Beal

    The suggestion that Rosie O’Donnell bears any resemblance to my mother is interesting

  2. Anonymous

    1. Do people pay much attention to these hit pieces?

    2. The electorate just doesn’t care much. They vote for the latest shiny thing that catches their attention. Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are prime examples.

  3. Anonymous

    –God help us

    If God cared about electing/selecting presidents, we would not have had presidents Bill Clinton or Obama.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, because an antonymous commenter on South Dakota’s #2 political blog would know who God would choose for president. Thank you, your comment made my day!

      1. Anonymous

        ah the distant # 2 political blog is so focused on slamming peoples faith in God, promoting drugs & loony paranoid theories they are irrelevant.

  4. Kelly Lieberg

    About this fall… South Dakota votes last. State Legislature signatures will have been gathered and submitted. 2/3 of the national Republican electorate, (reb, blue & purple) has made an anti establishment expression. So what to expect ? Look for SD sentiments to be more in line with Kansas than Minnesota. Those running for state offices should expect to prove their conservative bonifides. Fan boys and fan girls of Thune, Noem & Daugaard should be on notice ! Resist at your own risk. Gauge the winds.

  5. JimV

    Trump could very well be the product of the Washington culture and many years of disenfranchisement by the political elitists on the voters. In my opinion the voters are fed up with our elected leaders direction and are determined to push back. Maybe if Washington put the interests of the US first Trump would fade away quietly. Not buying that? Well pay for some more attack ads on him and see how that works.

  6. enquirer

    the public has caught on to how the candidates we’re offered come from the same tiny pool of good ivy league friends, for both parties; how the partisan divisions are illusory in actual practice at the federal level; how the huge corrupt money of a george soros seeds itself around the country, in washington and even here in south dakota; how the democrat party has been rendered almost physically and mentally dead via the processes that prevent everyone but mrs clinton from excelling. the old arguments about the importance of manners, intellect, politically correct attitudes and morals, etc etc etc are falling on deaf ears, and this cycle (like the rounds election of the last cycle) proves you can burn a billion dollars in negative ads and not have your numbers budge an iota. people are increasingly aware of the scam. trump has fared better than anyone imagined; he should fare better than anyone expects.

  7. Springer

    I had the most wonderful, insightful (IMO anyway!) comment and accidentally lost it. Will try again.

    God help us if we elect a progressive/socialist/liberal this time around, not if we elect Trump or Cruz. God help us if we get a progressive/socialist/liberal Supreme Court. God help us if the GOP loses this race because of its stupidity and unwillingness to listen to the voters. We

    We are tired of being lied to by Obama and the GOP who we elected to stop his progressive agenda and who did nothing. We are tired of being called racist, stupid, bigots, and anything else just because we do not agree with the elitist DC politicians of either party. We are tired of political correctness. We are tired of the bought and paid for politicians of both parties.

    So hopefully God will help us this time around to elect a President who will instill in us a sense of pride in America, a belief that you can get ahead by working hard and taking personal responsibility instead of being told the govt will take care of you, and who will obey the oath of office and follow the Constitution when it comes to separation of powers and illegal overreach.

    1. Anne Beal

      I went back and listened again:
      I agree with him that Rosie O’Donnell is a disgusting pig.
      Princess Diana was beautiful and crazy,
      The comment about Megyn Kelly wasn’t nice.
      But then all is forgiven on hearing his approach to child rearing: he’ll supply the funds. Millions of single mothers who don’t get child support like the sound of that. “I’ll supply the funds, she can take care of the kids.” Wow. That could be a lyric in a hit country song!
      The people who made this ad are out of touch with the populace.