Is Thune going to run in 2012?

As part of Foxnews 12 in 2012 series where they examine 12 possible candidates for president to run in 2012, they had a glancing look at our own John Thune this evening.

A South Dakota diner on opening day of hunting season is an easy way for John Thune to work a room. Where the owner and patrons talk health insurance or President Obama’s agenda, Thune can recount his battle on the front lines in the Senate.  Thune says he fights to try to prevent the horror stories he hears at home about the rising price of insurance and the difficulties of employers trying to provide it.

Sounds like he is already campaigning a little. Talk of ?Thune? and ?campaigning? wouldn?t be complete without the obligatory:

Another part will be his tenacity, demonstrated in part by his ability to take down former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. His 2004 victory over Daschle gave Thune the reputation as a giant killer, and a real political star was born in the Republican Party.

We know, and like John, and he is a likable enough fellow.  It takes more than being a nice guy win a presidential election.

Thune admits it is a grandiose prospect, especially given the demands required before even getting into office.

“It’s a very daunting thing to think about — the amount of money that you have to raise in modern politics, particularly for someone like myself, who comes from a small state that doesn’t have personal wealth and doesn’t have a big network out there so to speak,” he said.

Despite his credentials, Thune doesn’t define himself as an establishment candidate, instead opting to call himself “a Reaganesque conservative, right-of-center Republican who believes in a limited role for the federal government

You can read the whole thing here

Here is the video

Coming fresh of his latest ‘victory,’ in which the Democrats couldn’t even muster up a sacrificial candidate, and now there is more serious talk of running for The White House. I have to wonder is this a really such a wise move?

Thinking back to our Republican primary for congress, there were three very good candidates. There was discussion on this very blog about who best represent South Dakota and our interests, and who has what it take to knock Princess Stephine off her pedestal. Her royal highness has been handed her pink slip, however, the question remains how well will Kristi do in Washington? I believe she will be okay, there might be a fumble or two, however, nothing that can’t be recovered.

Now, can Senator John Thune defeat President Barack Obama, and if he does, can he lead the nation to the recover we so long for? The other question that is in the back of my mind, if elected, who would take his place? Considering that would be the same year that Senator Tim Johnson is up for re-election, who would run for his seat?

I don’t envy the choice in front of Senator Thune right now.

17 Replies to “Is Thune going to run in 2012?”

  1. grudznick

    What is up with the font on this whole post? It hurts my old eyes and I had to use that expander zoom thing on my computer. I sure hope Mr. PP is not going to change the fonts on his website when he sells it to the media.

  2. Anonymous

    I certainly hope the republican party can come up with at least one presidential candidate that is not an evangelical born again.

  3. Dave R

    Anonymous 10:04: Do you believe that Democrats should come up with a non evangelical candidate? Carter, Clinton and Obama belong to Baptist churches, which are evangelical.

  4. grudznick

    Indeed better. I thought it was a whole new post at first. But you and Linus should try posting in the normal world for a while.

  5. William

    I doubt if Senator Thune would be considering this step in public if he didn't already have some strong encouragement and support behind him. He is well respected by his peers and has been becoming more and more the national "face" of the party in the media over the past year, or so. Looking over the current crop of potential candidates (Romney, Palin, Huckabee, etc), I think John Thune can be a serious contender if he chooses to run.

  6. Acronym

    JT should put his hat in the ring for pres. see if his name ID is there across the US. If not, get picked as the VP nomination, if successful become VP. If not, run in 2014 for pres.

  7. Anonymous

    10:04: I hope the Republicans can come up with a candidate who didn't have a racist ranting "pastor" as a mentor for 20 years and didn't have a relationship with a man who condoned domestic terrorism.

    Yeah, we'll keep brining that up as long as you keep bringing up the evangelical thing.

  8. Anonymous

    Wow..have you changed your mind on going Washington???? How can a South Dakota guy run for presidendt when all he has been concerned about is South Dakota? The tune has changed here from a few years ago. I'm confused.

  9. Duh

    Don't start on this B.S. trend of Thune being a D.C.'er. I just saw him last weekend. What's wrong with a promotion? That doesn't mean he cares for SD any less. If Thune states like Daschle did, i.e.: "I'm a proud D.C. resident" then I'll change my tune. Until then, keep those stupid comments in your shorts.

  10. ip

    It would be in character for a chameleon like Thune to run against DC, especially for a bible college graduate with zero experience in the real world.

    Iowa thinks South Dakota is the edge of hell, too.

  11. Dave R

    Duh: The Democrats are scared of Thune and are throwing any charge that comes to mind at him. The projection of charactoristics of Democratic politicians that simply do not apply to Thune is particularly amusing.


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