Isaac Latterell to introduce measure preventing abortion of children with Down Syndrome and genetic abnormalities.

From State Representative Isaac Latterell’s website, it appears that he has a measure that will be coming this legislative session to outlaw the abortion of children based on genetic abnormalities, specifically highlighting the incidence of abortion when parents discover their children have Down Syndrome:

You see, 92% of children with these magical qualities do not survive until their birth day. But it’s not because of any life threatening condition or complication with the pregnancy. It’s because when their parents discovered they were about to give birth to a superior human being, they made the tragic and legal decision to terminate their child’s life.

Where do these children get their extra dosage of love? I believe it is contained in their DNA. Instead of the 46 chromosomes of DNA that most people have, Grace and Eva have 47. The scientific name for it is Trisomy 21.

Yes, these parents were likely misinformed as to the meaning of this extra DNA, and instead of judging them, I know that there is forgiveness offered by Jesus, who prayed even for his own captors “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

That’s why I am writing this article, to help you see what a treasure my sisters are, and how much they can teach us about what is truly important in life. We must not allow our jealousy of these children’s superiority to cause us to discriminate, and put them down before they even have the chance to shower their love on us.

That is also why I am introducing the Down Syndrome and Genetic Abnormality Non-Discrimination Act. The common name for Trisomy 21 is Down Syndrome, and even superior children have the right to enjoy their first birthday, to blow out their candles, and to drive lawn tractors down the street. Please join me in ending discrimination and support equal rights for pre-born people with superior abilities.

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3 Replies to “Isaac Latterell to introduce measure preventing abortion of children with Down Syndrome and genetic abnormalities.”

  1. Q

    God bless his sisters; I am sure they are wonderful. But how tight is the language here? What is defined as a genetic abnormality? Their are cases where a fetus’s heart stops beating, and dies in utero. Is that a genetic abnormality? Or if a baby grows with severely impaired brain growth? It does not happen often, but at times a brain does not even fully form. I am not arguing to abort these babies, but to point out that “genetic abnormalities” is not a clear, concise term.

  2. Spencer

    Thank you Representative Latterell! My daughter was initially diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome, which is a missing x chromosome for girls. The genetic tests proved she was not even though she had many of the same symptoms. When I found out that Sanford and Rapid City Regional routinely scan for and abort Turner’s Syndrome babies, it made me want to vomit. How have we become so callous?


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