It would appear that Representative – elect Noem is already having an effect on Washington.

Noem has only just arrived at Capitol Hill High School, but she?s already one of the most popular girls in class, and every sorority wants her. The GOP establishment would like to keep her from the clutches of Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), who is challenging Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) for Republican conference chair. The Party establishment prefers the lower-key, but equally conservative, Hensarling, but Bachmann has strong connections with the Tea Party movement. Keeping Kristi Noem out of her orbit is an important move in the contest for conference chair.

Just try to keep these two from talking.

Embracing Noem may also prove to be a strategic move in the even longer game for the 2012 presidential nomination. Although she is often compared to Sarah Palin, Noem was endorsed by Mitt Romney, but not Palin. She could be Romney?s strongest link to a Tea Party that hasn?t demonstrated much enthusiasm for him.

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Mitt Romney might be the TEA party second choice over Sarah Palin. besides It is still way to early to start picking candidates for 2012 presidential race.

Those that have heard these two ladies (Kristi and Sarah) speak, know they are completely
different. While their story is somewhat similar, it like comparing pheasant to caribou.

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  1. Anonymous

    I didn't vote for Noem because of the tea party. I voted for her as a South Dakotan who felt that she better represented my views. To brand her as a tea party adherent is incorrect and insulting as far as I am concerned. She is not Sarah Palin, she is Kristie Noem and the sooner the pundits in DC recognize that the better.

  2. Anonymous

    10:50: Dontcha know that people inside the Beltway (including a lot of elitist libs) lump everybody into in the category of hick if they are from these parts? You know, the condescending clinging to guns and God and stuff?

  3. mo joe

    you are right anon, she is not where will bne her fortitude for smaller govet on the farm bill vote against it.Get rid of ss and medicare show us that you are fiscal .If you said you wanted smaller gove get rid of all these even cuts in the defense bill gut the V.a, as priority 8 veterans cant use it any way if their incomes are to high.GO TO TOWN GIRL LETS SEE IF YOU KNOPW HOW TO CUT.

  4. anoonymous

    OMG! I saw like Kristi, talking to Michelle, and Michelle was like "you should totally come to my party" and Kristi was like, "I know, it would be like so awesome. I might stop by. But I need to find out where the BMOC's will be. Do you think I should wear my hair like this?"

    And Michelle was like "Your hair is like totally awesome girl. You got it going on. If you come to my party, I'll tell you who is gross and who is not gross."

    And Kristi was like, "Thanks Michelle. I think your hair is awesome too. Sorry you're no longer like the hottest girl on the hill, but I'm glad you don't like, hate me. We should hang out some time, but I can't let my parents know."

  5. Les

    M Bachman doesn't concern me as much as some of the old dogs taking Kristi into closed chambers and telling her "just how this is gonna work".

  6. Duh

    Anon 11:24. LOL. I know you're slamming her, but funny.

    Les: Hopefully, Kristi keeps her advisors close at hand so she can keep her footing.

  7. Veritas

    Kristi will be a solid vote for the Republican Establishment. She's just happy to be there; she is not going to rock the boat.

  8. Voter

    And the battle is on…our side against our side.

    I think that Kristi WILL rock the boat–but it totally remains to be seen. If we kicked Stephi out because she wasn't her own girl any more–but only voted with the Speaker's permission–then we will kick Kristi out too–if she just follows the establishment line. We NEED to be rid of the Republicans that are all about bringing home the bacon–and put in a new class of each state taking care of themselves–without the fed $$ and strings attached.

  9. Bill Fleming

    Simplest way to think of it (for simpletons like you and me, Duh…)

    "affect" is a verb, "effect" is a noun.


    If you set out to "affect" change, and succeed, change will be the "effect."

    Or he "affected" a mock lisp to create a pseudo homosexual "effect" in his speech.

  10. Bill Fleming

    Yes, in psychology, "affect" is also used as a noun. But then when it comes to philosophy, religion and psychology, all language bets are off.

    Poetry too.

    Because after all, ip, if a rose is just a rose, then what's a meta for?

  11. duggersd

    So Bill, since you are our grammarian, is access considered a verb now? I usually did pretty well with effect and affect. Good and well are not usually problems for me. But using access as a verb(as in I accessed the file) grates on me.

  12. Linda

    Here we go…what a great way to start the 2012 campaign by splitting conservatives. If the GOP establishment picks Romney, I'm officially done with the party. PERIOD! I will not plug my nose & vote for another RINO for president. It seems the establishment has yet to learn their lesson. Well, there's always 2012 to send another message & sweep out more of these establishment RINOS to the curb.

  13. feasant

    Thank goodness we have someone in DC who will represent me. Kristi is one of us, she lives here, raises her children here and will do a great job for us in DC.

  14. A. Non

    If she works in DC, feasant, how is she going to raise her kids here? It's not like she can exactly drive home every night.

  15. Duh

    She has a wonderful husband, family there and the kids are old enough to know what's up. I seen Thune all the time and his kids are grown and gone. No problems here.

    By your rationale, only disturbed single people and old bitties could run for office.

  16. Troy Jones

    Rumors are rampant Noem has already wrapped up the position as the de facto head of the Republican class of 2010 as a member of the “Elected Leadership Committee.”

    This is the brain center to advise the Speaker in legislative and policy strategy.

    Tim Scott of South Carolina (who beat in the primary the sons of a former Governor and Senator) expressed interest when the position was announced but found this position created at the impetus of Noem and she had already locked up a majority.

    Way to go Kristi.

  17. Anonymous

    "besides [sic] It [sic] is still way to [sic] early to start picking candidates for 2012 [sic] presidential race. … it [sic] like comparing pheasant to caribou."

    You'll fit in just fine here, MC.

  18. Duh

    And your the turd in the sandbox.

    New slogan for Kristi in the next go around:

    "Kristi in 20___ Fighting IP Whereever It May Lurk"

  19. mo joe

    Change is coming and Kristi is going to bring it.Kristi get rid of health care as we know it.Get rid of social security

    medicare and the farm bill, all social and subsidies, get rid of the police am a Vietnam era veteran, I can take care of myself.Get rid of, local govt to who needs a fire dept.I can turn the spicket on.Get rid of the post office to.If something is important to send I can deliver it myself.Get it done girl show these guys you mean it.Get rid of govt pensions,tell them they have to serve more than six years to get a pension cut all health care for Senators and congress people.Have them visit their home state on weekends instead of raising money else where across the nation, take care of business in this state .you said you could do it so gut the Gov't

  20. Duh

    Anon. 8:59 Sorry for your loss. Not really. You have NO party anymore. No one with substance. No one to take on the big field. No one to carry the message of more, more, more government. No one who has a chance to compete with the GOP, the party who actually listens to those who voted for them. Your party is going the way of Enron and the Do Do faster than you realize. The Pinhead party = “what have you done for me lately”.

    Instead of childish venting, try to regain some pride as a South Dakotan and be happy that two of the three SD national politicians are gaining national attention and actually have some influence which will help our state. Then there’s T “Where’s Waldo” Johnson. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


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