So, do Dems always feature people who left the party?

I just noticed this on the Democrat web site where it’s been hanging around for the last few years. Apparently, Dems missed this one as well.


On their web site, the Democrats are featuring their former Minority Leader who left the Democratic party, ran as a Republican, and had a few choice things to say about them on his way out the door:

Hargens was an interesting entry into the Republican primary because he is a legislator that already served for a number of years as Democrat; and he was a Democrat Minority Whip and Democrat Minority Leader during that time. Hargens said he felt the Democrat party moved away from him in its surge to the left. He said the Democrat Party had “Turned the lights out”.

I’m sure by promoting more Republicans on their web site, they hope for something positive to rub off. But unfortunately, that Democrat label is just going to kill them every time.

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  1. grudznick

    That Hargens fellow was pretty bad at his Democrat party job so it was really a negative when he went Republican. That his picture is on the Democrat party website I blame mostly on my friend Bob who advises them. It is pretty funny.


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