According to KELO It's party time!

Is this another example of KELO’s war on the SD GOP? Between this and Kristi Noem’s non-speeding story their bias is ridiculous.

KELO decided to run a story regarding the hotel site the RNC gave the state delegation to the National Convention in Tampa later this summer.

They call it the Grand Old Party and when South Dakota delegates head to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, they’ll be staying at a hotel that is notorious for spring-break style parties.

This week South Dakota was assigned to stay at Shephard’s Beach Resort in Clearwater, Florida.

It?s a resort known for its Sunday beach parties, dance parties and night life. And it will be home to South Dakota delegates during the Republican National Convention in August.

SD GOP Executive Director Tony Post made me proud with his statement countering KELO’s absurd story.

“It does have this stigma of being a spring-break kind of hotel, but you know what, it’s not March and it won’t be filled with 18 to 21 year olds. It’s going to be filled with delegates who are devoted to making sure we elect the next President of the United States,” Post said.

To appreciate the ridiculousness of the story you truly need to watch the video. Or maybe KELO’s portrayal of the GOP just expanded the party’s appeal to the 18-25 year old demographic?

80 Replies to “According to KELO It's party time!”

  1. anon

    That was absurd.

    The two girls kissing at the end is exactly what I’m expecting to being going down at the SD GOP convention.

  2. Anonymous

    If Kristi rocks a bikini I think we will have many people from other states stoping over.

    Cantor and Boner included.

    We have the “hottest delegation.” why not party like it?

  3. Anonymous

    Kelo has been notorious for their bias among politicos. Every once in a while, it shows as nakedly as it has lately.

    1. mhs

      KELO’s only bias is towards hiring the youngest, least experienced and cheapest reporters of any station anywhere. 75% of their stories these days are interviews of profs they took a class from last year. Seriously, would any new organization staffed by grown-ups have a clue which hotel was rockin’ at spring break last year?

  4. Closer to 51 than 21

    KELO should do some investigative reporting on their assignment editor, and anyone else connected with feeding them this story.

    I’m shocked they didn’t add any comments about what jobs “staying at a holiday Inn qualifies you for.”

    What a bunch of complete and utter asshats.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Sidenote: Tony looks like he’s ready to party like there’s no tomorrow. Think about it guys. You are such known party animals you even have special initials for it. G.rand O.ld P.arty. (Dems don’t have anything like that.)

      I’m with Anon 10:06. Don’t hide your candle under a bushel, people (whatever that means). Bust out that lemonade, pass those cookies (just make sure they’re the kind Mitt likes) and shake your booties (whatever that means).

      You’re going to nominate yourself a veritable paragon of charisma. Celebrate a little whydon’tcha.

  5. Oldguy

    This whole thing is silly.If I rented a car that been used to haul drugs would that make me a drug runner?

  6. Cliff Hadley

    I hear KELO’s Christmas parties were pretty wild affairs back in the day. Film at 10!

      1. Bill Fleming

        Yes Cliff, we sent the Red Coats and the Tories back to England with our politeness ? killed them with kindness, etiquette and good manners. ;^)

      2. Bill Fleming

        I think it’s long past time to stop being cute about the 2nd Amendment and be honest about intention. Anyone carrying a firearm means to shoot somebody with it. Period.

        1. Cliff Hadley

          That’s true — for the bad guys. But the good guys use their weapons only to stop the bad guys when they threaten life and property. A world of difference, no?

          1. Bill Fleming

            Yes, Cliff, different in effect perhaps, but not intention. I think it’s hard to make the argument that there is less crime because more people are armed. Or that people who are armed are somehow more polite to each other than those who aren’t.

            1. Les

              Flem, would you be agreeable to a sign in your front yard stating, “we don’t believe armed home owners affect crime so pick on our armed neighbors, wouldja”?

              I hope for more well trained armed citizens and would gladly take my chances on stray bullets knocking down the blade in the R/C Walmart.

            2. Les

              While there can be a bull in the china shop Flem, trained and/or mature armed citizens are more polite knowing that 1st response to confrontation is to flee or find cover before deadly force is considered, thus not creating that situation.

              I am sure you would be polite stumbling into a group of armed citizens out in the woods doing their target shooting. Think “Deliverance” brother Flem.

              1. Bill Fleming

                I’m not against people bearing arms, Les. It’s their constitutional right.

                I’m just saying they shouldn’t kid themselves about their intentions when doing so. (I think of it as fear management therapy.)

                And I’m waiting to see your evidence that an armed citizenry prevents voilent crime.

                Conversely, we certainly know that an armed criminal can facilitate it.

                Think about it.

                How many people would be alive today if the shooters in U of Virginia, Columbine, and Arizona (Giffords) had no access to weapons?

                And how many of those incidents did an armed citizenry prevent from happening?

                1. Les

                  When we left the garden we left behind the unarmed utopia in your dream of an unarmed citizenry Flem.

                  Take every gun and there will remain, weapons for the criminally subscribed.

                  This is an argument that will forever be hard to win for either of us. My mother used to donate to the Brady anti gunners as I donated to NRA. My argument to her was “how safe would your street be if the criminals knew there wasn’t an armed home in the area”? Bad guys don’t need guns with unarmed weaker citizens as we’ve seen in both Sidney, Mt and R/C Walmart.

                  I feel you and I can agree the majority of the people are of good character. I believe if they were trained and armed we would quickly subdue the black hat crowd.

                  1. Bill Fleming

                    Let’s be clear, Les, I’m not arguing for gun control.

                    I’m just calling BS on some of the arguments defenders of the 1st Amendment use.

                    If you carry a firearm, especially a concealed firearm, you intend to shoot someone with it.


                    What’s so hard about just being honest about that?

                    1. proud anon

                      so if you are pro-choice that means you intend on killing a baby?

                      u give a perfect mental picture to the term dumba$$

                    2. Les

                      I intend to avoid shooting anyone, that is how I was taught to handle weapons. I also intend to not let anyone accidentally shoot me or willfully by whatever means necessary. There are many vehicular homicides and I don’t intend to follow their ugly choice Flem, but I would use my vehicle to save your life if possible.

                    3. Bill Fleming

                      Les, if you intended to avoid shooting anyone, you wouldn’t carry a weapon.

                    4. Les

                      You are a master with your words Flem. You make
                      ”someone” sound like a random act.

                      I will say it again, I do not intend to shoot someone. God help me, if the day comes that the likes of a killer threatens my life of the lives of those I’m responsible for, I will then intend to take that person down with whatever force necessary to get the job done.

                      Today, I intend nothing more than staying out of the way of those who might cause me trouble.

                  2. Bill Fleming

                    Proud, if you want to say proud, stay anonymous. Obviously you’re not capable of writing anything worth signing your name to.

                  3. Charlie Hoffman

                    Les this is one of your best my friend. Facts VS Utopian dreamland we left right after Eve chipped away on that apple……….

            3. duggersd

              Go to a gun show sometime. You will be surprised as to how polite people are to each other.

        2. duggersd

          Bill, I often carry a firearm and I do not intend to shoot someone with it. I certainly hope I do not have to, but it is nice to be able to have that as an option if the situation arises.
          That is like saying someone with a brain plans to use it. Liberals show that to be false. 😉

          1. Bill Fleming

            duggerSD. Then why do you carry it? If someone physically assaults you, or tries to rob you or whatever, what do you intend to do?

            Just take it out and show it to them?

            What if they pull out their gun?

            I stand by my assertion. People who carry handguns intend to shoot people with them.

            1. Ymous

              Come on bill? I have insurance on my house but I don’t intend to use it. In fact that is the whole argument for insurance, it’s protection if the need arises but if you have deliberate intent to use it (arson) that is a crime my friend. There are many similar examples to insurance. You can’t read a man’ s mind to see his or her intent. You lost me here Billy-

              1. Bill Fleming

                I’m sorry, but if your house burns up, ymous, you intend to file a claim. I would be very surprised to hear that you didn’t.

                Perhaps you’re right though. Maybe people who carry weapons haven’t really thought it through.

            2. duggersd

              No Bill, I do not intend to shoot someone. However I maintain my right to shoot someone if that person is threatening me or my family or even someone else in need of protection I can offer. If I draw my gun upon someone, God forbid, and pull the trigger, yes, I damn well intend to shoot someone.

              1. Bill Fleming

                Exactly. Thanks for thinking that through right in front of us DuggerSD. By carryng a weapon, you intend to shoot someone should the need arise.

                Conversely, if your intention was to never shoot anyone, you would never carry a weapon.

                I’m not making a value judgement here. Just trying to encourage people who carry weapons to be honest about their intentions, which it appears to me that many have a hard time doing.

                I have a grandfather who was the Sheriff of Fall River county for a number of years who didn’t routinely carry a sidearm for precisely the reason I have given here. Before that, he was a Captain in the US Army during WWII and of course did carry a sidearm then.

                1. Les

                  I heard a woman’s account of a rape where she asked the rapist to use a condom. So if I tell my daughter to carry a condom rather than a .38 for rape protection, you would say she intends to have sex?

                  Your grandfathers decision has been a common one among sheriffs for a variety of reasons Flem, none of which make sense when confronted with deadly force and I doubt whether any of us know if they are/were unarmed.

                  You are right about one thing here, a guns intent/purpose can be for target, game, people or vile beings who would rape and kill your family, forcing you to view this before taking your life or leaving you to live with the memory. The latter do not qualify as just “someone” or “people” however you wish to screw with the English language. The animals I speak of, strap on daily with intent to shoot you or me.

                  1. Bill Fleming

                    Man, it sure takes you guys a long time to get around to telling the truth about why you carry weapons.

                    I’ve been right about my assertion all along, Les.

                    A person who carries a concealed weopon intends to shoot someone with it.


                    What’s the big problem with just admitting it?

                  2. Bill Fleming

                    You do make a valid point though, Les. None of us knows whether or not the other is armed. That alone is perhaps the most salient reason to preserve and defend the 2nd Amendment. It’s a great “equalizer.”

                    1. Bill Fleming

                      That said, I submit that if a person is carrying a loaded weapon as a “fear management” tool, they are carrying it for the wrong reason, in my opinion.

                    2. Les

                      In a message far above this I stated this will be an argument hard for either to win, other than in our own minds. I believe you are stating semantics and you believe you are not. As in your statement with Dug using insurance IF your house burns. You can put all kinds of IF this or IF that happens,”you intend”, into our lives and our total intent changes to one of that fear you are speaking of.

                      I choose not to live in fear so have no intent to live in the future that does not exist.

                      IF my life changes, my intent can or will change and you may become right Flem.

                      I did post a link above about a CC that held the perp and stopped a stabbing without firing.

                      I think your statement above “Perhaps you?re right though. Maybe people who carry weapons haven?t really thought it through.” may be correct on many and though I believe I have thought it through, there is a huge difference in being trained to kill(military) or being trained to use a weapon for self defense and I’m not really sure a sane person in the average CC can wrap their mind around that until the situation and only after will we know.

                  3. Bill Fleming

                    Les, just a reminder, when it comes to using words to communicate, semantics is the only game in town.

                    It’s become fashionable for some reason for people to say “oh that’s just semantics” which is ironic I think.

                    It’s as if they don’t understand what the word “semantics” means (it means the study of word meanings.)

                    At any rate, mine is not a “semantic” argument. I know exactly what I mean when I say that a person who carries a concealed weapon intends to shoot someone with it.

                    And thus far, all you and DuggerSD have done (after much hemming and hawing and beating around the bush) is to finally agree with me.

                    Thank you at least for that.

                2. duggersd

                  SHOULD THE NEED ARISE. Do you not see the difference between carrying and intending to shoot someone? BTW, if I were in a war situation, yes, I probably would intend to shoot someone.

                  1. Bill Fleming

                    No. Because there is no difference. If you didn’t intend to shoot someone should the need arise, you wouldn’t carry a weapon. This just isn’t that hard, duggerSD.

                    1. Les

                      Quote#1 Anyone carrying a firearm means to shoot somebody with it. Period.

                      Probably not Flem’s final quote#16 If you didn?t intend to shoot someone should the need arise, you wouldn?t carry a weapon.

                      You’ve obviously softened old man. Semantics? Nah. Just and argumentative fella with no experience in what he is talking about.

                    2. Bill Fleming

                      They are the same assertion, Les. You just like one of them better than the other. ;^)

                      p.s. I used to actually carry weapons, Les, believe it or not. (A little 22 cal revolver and a Colt 45 Army issue automatic.) I stopped and gave them to my brother (a Navy cop), because I became absolutely, spiritually sure sure that, no matter what, I never wanted to shoot anybody.

                      How much more experience do I need than that?

  7. Dave R

    Spring Break happens in the Spring. Who does KELO think stays in these hotels the rest of the year?

  8. LK

    I’m curious if Bill Clay had any objection to KELO’s puff piece on Kristi Noem’s college graduation.

    I didn’t see the spring break hotel report and agree that it’s a stupid story. One would be hard pressed to find any hotel in a convention city that had not hosted some raucous parties.

    That being said, Republicans really have no reason to complain about unfavorable coverage in South Dakota. If there’s any media bias in South Dakota, it’s a bias toward those in office.

    1. RC

      All I wonder is how many college kids Noem replaced as the key speaker of the student class of 2012? She speaks at enough events let a kid speak!

          1. Oldguy

            I voted for SHS in the last election but I have to credit Kristi for going back and getting her degree don”t you Cory? I think I read she got either a 3.6 or 3.8 grade point.

            1. Anonymous

              I’m not talking about the grade for her last coursework. I’m talking about her cumulative GPA for college.

              Let’s have the complete story about your cumulative GPA, Rep. Noem. And tell us how many credits you had left to finish after 18 years off and what courses you took to get you to the finish line.

              1. duggersd

                Right after President Obama publishes his, then I will want to see Kristi Noem’s.

    2. caheidelberger

      LK is dead right about bias toward those in power. I apologize, LK, for citing the KELO piece above before getting down here to see your mention of it. Pure puffery of South Dakota’s biggest power puffball.

  9. Anonymous

    I think Bill Clay just likes to whine. I predict there will be some raucus partying by SD delegates at the Tampa convention. There will be drunkenness. There will be sex. There will be things people would rather not have reported back home. Political conventions are big parties. That’s a fact. Anyone who’s been to one knows that.

    1. TruthSpeaks

      Are you sure you are talking about Tampa…sounds like a tame night in Pierre? If you ever want to see democracy in action go to Bob’s Bar in Pierre any night when they are in session. KELO might be on to something….

    1. Pillar

      Only during election years.

      Blogs I read:

      Mount Blogmore
      Argus POLI Blog
      Madville Times
      Southdacola (He’s an A-Hole though)
      Republic insider

      And then anything that catches my interest on another blog roll.

  10. Anonymous

    Don’t you think some kid probably should have spoken at the graduation rather than Noem???

  11. Anooner

    Doesn’t really matter where the SD delegates stay. They could not attend and no one would probably even notice. Every one knows the convention is a big party, so let’s not pretend otherwise, although, I don’t think Mitt would approve of the use of alcohol unless someone cuts their heel on a pop top. He probably is familiar with this type of issue because he has friends that own hotels and resorts. My guess is SD booked the hotel bc it was avail and would be fun, and it doesn’t matter back home in the grand scheme. For people concerned about the image of their convention hotel, you need to look where the delegates from swing states are staying. My guess is that repubs from Ohio, Fla., et al, didn’t book at ‘little hedonism’.

    p.s. Tony don’t say you are there to ‘re-elect’ the next POTUS.

  12. Hillary

    the problem at KELO is the huge liberal Dexter Gronseth, who is the story assignment editor. Also, for the record, Don Jorgy is biggest moron on the air since carrot-top.

  13. Ymous

    I have stayed at said hotel. It isnt that nice and is actually quite cheap. It was in 2007 for a friends wedding. I wouldn’t even call it a 2 star hotel. I’m sure the SD delegation didn’t want to pony up the 400 a night that a 4 or 5 star hotel would need for a peak demand week. This is a complete BS story. A non-story and KELO should be taken to the wood shed. I think it was around 75 a night.

  14. Lee Schoenbeck

    I don’t know if KELO is biased, but they sure are short on news to sell, that’s worth buying. I watched the video clip – and can never reclaim that wasted minute of my life

    1. Anonymous

      maybe you can get billed on their representing the “SDGOP” and run Rep Nelson through the mud again. circus is in town, people normally like elephants this time of year but maybe they will fall for a rino doing tricks?

  15. anon

    Just so everyone knows how it works… the South Dakota GOP did not get to “pick” their hotel (unless times have changes since the last convention I went to). Each state is assigned a hotel by the RNC.