It's time!

I could not agree more with Patrick Lalley’s latest collumn and his call for town halls.

Sen. John Thune should be commended for a series of
gatherings across the state, including here in Sioux Falls on Wednesday. Sen. Tim Johnson and Rep. Kristi Noem should heed that commendation. Staffers for Johnson and Noem will point out all the public appearances their bosses have conducted as of late, as Congress has been out of session.

These tend to be controlled or ill-publicized affairs, however, that allow for little interaction with the actual public.

I understand taking questions from an unfiltered crowd can be a messy, occasionally uncomfortable experience. But this is South Dakota after all, not New Jersey.

I’m pretty sure I remember a campaign slogan used by John Thune that is perfect for this topic. Hey elected officials… “IT’S TIME!”

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  1. insomniac

    I attended the JT town hall in Brookings. What a great time!

    He’s a leader!

    Looks like Noem follows Thune on everything accept Payroll taxes and town halls.

    Johnson couldn’t keep us awake if he did hold one. I don’t think he’d understand what we were asking either.

  2. 73*

    Ok I don’t expect Johnson to do anything right anymore.

    On the other hand I don’t understand why Noem didn’t go around the state with Thune when he had his town hall tour. That way if she didn’t know the answer he could take the question. That would be a great buffer for her and the would be out campaigning together.

    They could bring Johnson and his rascal scooter along also?

  3. springer

    Note to Kristi: I have a petition to get signatures for your next run, BUT based on the feedback I’ve been receiving, it’s staying in a drawer until you hold some town halls and answer questions on your support for raising the debt ceiling and your vote for NDAA.

  4. Oldguy

    I know why TJ’S doesn’t do town halls but why doesn’t Kristi? Bill or Troy do you have a answer?

    I could only speculate. The constituents would appreciate it if she held a few town halls. Thune is scheduled to hold 7 town halls this month. BC


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