Jackley announces additional filings in fight against ObamaCare

As you know, South Dakota has joined the lawsuit against ObamaCare.

Today, the AG’s office announced additional filings to cover two issues:

  1. Whether the individual mandate requires all citizens to purchase healthcare insurance or face a penalty.
  2. Whether the burdens imposed on the States constitute a commandeering of state resources.

According to the filing, ObamaCare “violates the Constitution by coercing the States? participation in its new Medicaid regime and by commandeering their resources to achieve the federal government?s ends”.

22 Replies to “Jackley announces additional filings in fight against ObamaCare”

  1. Holy Cow!

    Holy Cow! We must stand up to and fight any type of government sponsored socialism health care plan!

    Holy Cow, we Tea Baggers, being the Republican’s base, expect Republicans in the House and Senate to put their principles where their mouths are and reject their SOCIALIST TAXPAYER-FUNDED HEALTH BENEFITS! In order for them not to be hypocrites on health benefits they must refuse their federal health benefits based on the same principles underlying their opposition to health care reform!

    There’s at least a couple of newly elected Republican who aren’t hypocrites on health benefits and are willing to give up their government-sponsored health insurance.

    C-SPAN?s Washington Journal: Rep.-elect Mike Kelly won’t enroll. KELLY: There is no reason for anybody to get anything different than anybody else. I personally have always paid for my own health care… why should my pension as a public official be any different from anyone else?s pension? Why should my health care, as a public official, be any different than anybody else?s? No, level across the board. […]

    Q: So will you have a Congressional plan?
    KELLY: No, I do not need. I got my own plan, I don?t need a congressional plan. I?ve taken care of myself for a long time.

    Holy Cow John and Kristi, you can afford to buy insurance on your own, or perhaps having spouses with plans they can be on. Just go out and buy it! Well Tim, I feel sorry for you. You have a pre-existing condition and I guess your just crap out of luck. There isn’t an insurance company in the world that would touch you now. And if you were on a private insurance your butt would have been kicked out of the plan by now. So Tim, your just crap out of luck on this one. But Tim, all is not lost! Remember what President Bush said: “People have access to health care in America. After all, just go an emergency room.”

  2. ip

    Holy Cow, you rock!

    The word “ObamaCare” is starting to grow on me. No longer a pejorative, it represents a legacy, a milestone in human rights, and a repudiation of industry control over the individual.

  3. Redstone

    What’s up with these loser links ip? I thought there was going to be some substance to your link. They should change their name to Non-interesting propaganda.

  4. ip

    My links included Bob Mercer. http://my605.com/pierrereview/?p=1375

    Follow the money:

    Monsanto, GlaxoSmithKline, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, banker Jeff Erickson of Sioux Falls and former U.S. attorney, former U.S. Senate chief of staff and railroader, Kevin Schieffer of Sioux Falls, greased Jackley’s machinery. Yet to weigh in this cycle is Koch dupe and fellow attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia whose political bedfellow, 2009 PAC man, Bill Mims gave swarthy Marty a thousand Simoleons.

  5. DDC

    Thank goodness Herseth Sandlin didn’t win. She took money from the Kochtopus as well!

    Monsanto: $2k

    GSK: $1k

    Kevin Schieffer: $4,800!

    We sure dodged a bullet there! Scary!!!

  6. springer

    Contrary to what a couple of posters here believe, Obamacare is a disaster which is just starting to show its ugly face as its parts are being dissected and shown to public view. Why are so many companies being given waivers so they don’t have to comply with Obamacare and their employees lose their insurance? Why are insurance premiums continuing to skyrocket in anticipation of the “wonderfulness” of Obamacare? Why are so many other states now signing on to this lawsuit? Why was it necessary to pass this thru deceit, lies, and bribes? Why was it developed behind closed doors with no bipartisan input? Why is it so great when it will bankrupt the states by dumping Medicaid costs onto them? Why is it so great when the cost figures were lied about to the CBO in order to get them to approve it? What about the doctor fix that wasn’t included in the bill because it would have made the cost more than the CBO would have approved? Why should a grown person (legal to vote at age 18, to serve in the armed forced at age 18, to drink at age 21) be considered a child on his parents’ insurance policy until age 26???

    I am very glad that Jackley is fighting against this monstrous, unread, unethical Obamacare. It will bankrupt the nation and will bankrupt the states.

    It is a backdoor to Obama’s single payer system. He basically admitted it, and now we are seeing how it works by destroying personal choice in doctor and insurance policy intended to drive insurance companies out of business and leaving us with only one choice, Uncle Sam. Always look behind the curtain with this administration.

    Only those who fail to see what this will do to the nation have no soul.

  7. springer

    Yeah, right. Tell that to me after Rangel, Geitner, Dodd, and all the rest of the unholy Dems are treated the same way. Will be a cold day in you know where when that happens! Dignity in Congress and the fed gov’t along with accountability is a joke, and if you don’t believe it, just look at last week’s slap on the wrist given to Rangel. If it were you and I that had done that, we’d be in jail.

  8. CaveMan

    Hey IP;
    Lets say we get a bunch of motor heads in the White House who came from North Carolina. Their buddies at home and across America all have problems with their car brakes and radiators giving them all sorts of problems. And on top of that their old cars cannot burn E85 and they don’t have the money to change them over. Along comes the Automobile Recovery Act and a Rock Solid Republican majority in the house and senate making everyone mandated to change their old cars all over to E85 while all cars forced to get new brakes and radiators. Nothing in the Consitution ever granted this, no one has figured out how to pay for it, and about half the car owners don’t want their automobiles touched. But the Car Cops will be out checking and YOU will be fined and forced to adhere to the law when you are caught. Sound fair IP?

  9. Bill Fleming

    ip, but who is Marie? …you’ll never find her out, ip. She’s way too crafty for us mere mortals. One of my fave bloggers of all times.

  10. ip

    CavePerson: The ole straw-car argument, huh?

    From From Peter Henriques via the Billings Gazette:

    “One of George Washington?s most important and far-reaching decisions made as president revolved around the question of whether he would sign into law a bill establishing a national bank. Alexander Hamilton, his brilliant secretary of the treasury (Henriques opinion, not ip’s), argued for such an institution and justified his action by seizing on Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution, which endowed Congress with all powers ?necessary and proper? to perform tasks assigned to it in the national charter.

    Washington saw it differently and signed Hamilton?s controversial national-bank bill. With a stroke, he endorsed an expansive view of the presidency and made the Constitution a living, open-ended document.”

    Answer your question?

    Mr. Fleming: http://www.dakotavoice.com/author/marie-jon/

  11. CaveMan

    Then IP when there are more of you than me America is over for the feel good; give everyone everything they want crowd will be in control!

  12. CaveMan

    Man I even dissed a Republican administration and you did not get it. Liberals don’t like cerebral conjecture now do they IP?

  13. feasant

    Thank goodness we have someone smart like Marty Jackley in the AG office.

    ip you have to be laughing, you have all of us Conservatives wound up. You really can’t be as dumb as you pretend to be.


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