Jackley for Governor campaign hosting pheasant hunts next month to raise campaign cash

I had noticed it earlier this week that the Marty Jackley for Governor campaign had sent out an e-mail blast announcing that they were going to be hosting a pheasant hunt fundraiser that they sent to a broad audience:

However, a couple of days later (yesterday to be exact), I was forwarded a copy of the full invitation package with more details on the campaign event, which I can share with you:

Above we see that it’s a $1000 a head or $2500 for event sponsorship. And Marty uses the occasion to make a campaign pitch for what he plans to do in terms of tourism/sportsman initiatives if he’s elected:

And the obligatory campaign reply card:

And the campaign season keeps rolling on.

16 Replies to “Jackley for Governor campaign hosting pheasant hunts next month to raise campaign cash”

        1. KM

          How ever many want to…it’s their money.

          I know, you need the govt to decide what to do with your money. They do a good job keeping you in line.

            1. KM

              I’m clueless? I’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s been happening for decades.

              I know, it upsets you when people think for themselves and use their own money for whatever they want. Now, back in line;)

              Way too easy.

  1. grudznick

    Isn’t October 28th the Governor’s hunt? Looks like some people will get to have fatcat hunts back to back days.

  2. Troy Jones

    I just hope they don’t kill all the birds. The pheasant numbers do not look good at all. Might be lowest numbers in 20 years. I heard of third hatches in multiple counties. First time in my life I heard it.