Jackley for Governor fundraising letter out this week. But haven’t I seen this before?

The Marty Jackley for Governor campaign hit my mailbox again this week with a fundraising letter I received a couple of days ago.

2Nd Jackley Letter by Pat Powers on Scribd

But…. I can’t help but think that I’ve seen it somewhere before, about two weeks ago.

In comparing the two, on the front, in making the appeal they’re identical with only one small detail changed. On the front, in the paragraph next to the picture it states “Our campaign budget calls for us to raise $45,000 by December 15th.” This was changed from the prior letter which notes “Our campaign budget calls for us to raise $45,000 by November 30th.

Similarly on the back, the only difference I can note is a subtle one, which similarly changes the date of the appeal letter. Instead of asking to “Lead the way and help us reach our crucial goal of raising $45,000 by November 30th,” this letter solicits the recipient “Lead the way and help us hit our crucial goal of raising $45,000 by December 15th.

This could be a directed strategy, to hit people who haven’t donated with a reminder, but I would have thought it might be something with more alternative text than pushing their campaign budget goal back 2 weeks.

And the campaigns roll on…

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    1. Anonymous

      Glodt singlehandedly saved the Rounds campaign in ’14 from the complete mismanagement that was overtaking it.

      Ask any Thune people and they will tell you that Rounds 2014 was a terribly run campaign that was amateur hour at the top.

        1. Anonymous

          Glodt is not a great asset.

          How I remember and heard it the national people were furious that the Rounds ’14 campaign was so mismanaged they had to put money into SD at all to save him . That was late in the campaign also if you remember.

          Glodt does lots of parades as they are easy and give the false impression of large grassroots support.

  1. Anonymous

    Both gubernatorial campaigns feel like they’re on auto pilot. Jackleys team, run by instate operatives, puts out stunts like the clean campaign pledge (neither preceded nor followed up by anything) while Noems team, run by out-state consultants, travels to any other state that’ll host a fundraiser. It just doesn’t feel like either side has really started seriously campaigning yet.

  2. Anonymous

    I am not impressed with any of the Republican candidates for governor YET… I say YET because there is still time but I agree

    1. Noem..is she even campaigning? seems to be raising money but not many events at all
    2. Jackley in a lot more events, but some major missteps–Hiring Glodt with Marcys law baggage; pledge debacle–be a leader not a whiner
    3. Could either of them give us some specifics of what they actually will do as governor??


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