Jackley for Governor Pre-Primary Finance Report: $532K raised, $1.5 Million spent, $570K Cash on hand

And we’re starting to see what candidates have been spending in pursuit of the big char of State Government. The Marty Jackley for Governor campaign has their pre-primary Campaign finance report filed with the Secretary of State:

Jackley_PrePrimary Campaign Finance Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

After starting with $1,552,944, since the last report, the Jackley for Governor campaign has raised an additional $530,984. They’ve also spent $1,513,600.84, leaving them with $570,328.03 to take them through the last 2 weeks.

Check out the report above, which you can scroll through in it’s entirety, and let us know what you think!


6 Replies to “Jackley for Governor Pre-Primary Finance Report: $532K raised, $1.5 Million spent, $570K Cash on hand”

  1. Anonymous

    Impressive! for less than a 6 month span…

    I bet he has pre-paid for commercials also and radio time…so he should have plenty of money through the primary..

    1. Anonymous

      Considering she had 2.1M and he had 1.5M and he raised 0.5M, if she raised nothing she still raised more than he did…which I doubt she raised nothing….

  2. anon

    OK, I just read a tweet from Jackley saying they ‘won’ the campaign fundraising race? So I went and looked at the Noem report and it clearly shows she raised more money. Jackley is boasting 97% South Dakota money. That is all fine and good, but to boast ‘winning the fundraising race’ is deceptive. That’s like saying you took first in the Sioux Falls Marathon but the fine print says (among men over 40 from Pierre). I get the point they are trying to make, but it appears they are simply trying to get ahead of the fact that Noem beat their fundraising numbers handily. And has a lot more cash on hand.