Jackley fundraiser in Rapid City tonight – and we have the invite!

From my e-mail box, There’s a Marty Jackley fundraiser in Rapid City tonight – and we have the invite:

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      1. RC

        Massive turnout. I had to park two blocks away because parking lot was full. Lots of excitement. Marty was great.

    1. anonymous

      We all know the local guy…. another white male attorney supported by all the liberal attorneys in West River. Now is the time for our first female Governor. Kristi is the one! So many Democrats from the Gunderson Palmer law firm… issues matter! EB5??? Gearup??? innocent people died, where was our AG?

  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Some lifelong friends of mine on the list. Winning or losing never changes good connections of like minded people. Win some lose some but always bet on the fast steed.
    I’m betting Jackley wins the Primary by 7 points. And the General by 27.

    1. Anonymous

      If Jackley was up in the polls he would have released his own polling numbers to discredit the Noem poll. We can’t help but believe that the poll was accurate. Jackley is well know to the republican activists but Noem has 100% statewide name recognition. Talking with my less political friends they don’t know who Marty is and I think that will hurt him in the primary.

      1. Anonymous

        Noem hasn’t released her internal polls for the same reason Jackley hasn’t. It’s statistically tied.

        Noem has released third party polls showing her in the lead. That’s an old DC move to manipulate the subconscious and the media.

        1. Anonymous


          Noem’s campaign manager is a Mitch McConnell guy. He’s establishment DC through and through. Dirty tricks and outright lies. That tells me all I need to know about how Noem would govern.

          She’s all in.

  2. Anon1

    Wish there was a way to keep all the paid trolls off of these posts. It really makes the whole thing pretty boring. Most of the spin is so bad that I wonder if it’s maybe actually paid high school kids.