Jackley: No Prosecutions in Food For Votes

The attorney general’s office has decided not to prosecute anyone in the Oats for Votes scandal.  Big surprise, I know.

So, was it all just chest thumping (from both sides) before the election?

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  1. Duh

    Until someone gets prosecuted and the law enforced, the dems will keep this tactic in their playbook for every major election. Very disappointing.

  2. thc

    Ahahahaahahahahaahaha. You expected a different outcome? Had SHS won, Jackley's decision would have been very different.

    All political BS.

    Move along Duh. Nothing to see here except more political two-stepping.

  3. Mike the Archer

    It is disappointing. He basically states that boundaries were crossed, but that his office is only willing to follow the precedence established in 96 and 98 – which is to send out a letter telling the parties to "knock it off".

    To me that is an invitation to keep doing it, as you know that in the future the AG now has a precedent to follow of basically just issuing a warning and then looking the other way.

  4. Bill Fleming

    Duh, don't you just hate it when you have an election, you vote for your guy, and then they don't do what you were just SURE they would do? I know the feeling, brother, believe me.

    Anyway, Jackley made the right call. Good for him. Now I can buy Troy a cheeseburger, tell him he should vote for the Democrats, and not have to get hauled off to jail for it.

  5. Duh

    I haven't seen the evidence that was presented to them, but from the reports that I've seen from multiple sources, I think they dropped the ball, again. Clear election violations. "What any cheese with that chili. Eat up, the bus is leaving…"

    Kristi won. Great. However, that doesn't mean that there were no violations. I know the issue in Jackley's mind was that the person who the violations were against won, "so no big deal, no harm, no foul". Horse hockey.

    There were federal election violations and the powers at be just blew them off because they didn't affect the outcome. This is not a victimless crime. Strike one Jackley. DO YOUR JOB.

    Brendan never even got up to bat due to the fact that his face is covered with demo goo from the get go.

  6. MC

    I have been wondering where this was going to land at. It looks like it landed on the door step of Brenden Johnson, It will be interesting to see what he does with it considering, the past several days he has been highlighted in the press working on Native American issues

  7. anoonymous

    Duh, "clear election violations"? Your boy doesn't think so and I told you all along nothing would come of this. Just admit you didn't really know what you were talking about and go gas up the rolls.

  8. MC

    I believe for Mr. Jackley it is a question of jurisdiction. If the State Patrol can't enforce laws on the rez how can the State's Attorney say a crime was committed? The Reservation is supposed to be a sovereign nation.

  9. Anonymous

    Wackley's response was pansy-butt and chicken poop. The Reservation is subject to state and federal election law. There is no soverienty when they participate in our elections.

    He could have been Nelson-esque and taken on the GOP saying clearly it wasn't a violation of the law. He could have been Barnette-esque and taken on the Dem's not caring if it was perceived as political but how he saw the law. He could have been Long-esque and given guidance to clarify the law.

    This jack-off has risen beyond his skill grade.

  10. Jackrabbit

    That's because Kristi won!

    I don't think she is out of the woods yet. She only received 48% of the vote and Brendan Johnson or SHS might come after her in 2012.

  11. Duh

    The only reason Kristi got only 48% is because of Marking. Kristi would have been well over 50%.

    Jackley should have been more specific in why there were no charges. If it was jurisdiction (which is doubtful) then say it. If it was "no harm, no foul", then say it. Pissed me off.

  12. thc

    Duh, you obviously failed to take into consideration that a significant number of Democrats voted for BJ in protest of the FACT that the Princess voted more Republican than a lot of Republicans.

    You can't even begin to pretend that all those votes would have been Regina George's.

    Or…given your past flights of fancy…perhaps you can.

    Jackley did his party duty – stand by in case the "other" won. End of story.

  13. Duh

    thc: "Jackley did his party duty – stand by in case the “other” won. End of story." That's my problem. It should have been prescuted regardless who won. The problem for the pinheads was, all crosshairs were aimed at the demos. "Whew, we dodged that one…."

    How could SHS vote more republican than republicans when SHS voted WITH Pelosi over 91% of the time. Rediculous proposition.

  14. Anonymous

    @ Duh It is clear you have the appropriate moniker. You can't spell. You can't tell the difference between federal and state jurisdiction. You make statements based upon no facts. Thanks for making me laugh.

  15. donkephant

    Duh @ 9:57 am-

    Did you ever stop to think about the fact that your boy Thune did the exact same thing with his numerous pancake feeds in '04 when he defeated Daschle?

    Oh wait, Thune won? and the AG's office didn't prosecute him?!

    Stop pretending this is a one party problem. If these 'violations' are ever going to have legal recourse then both party's are guilty.

  16. Duh

    Anon 7:04 – You're wrong, there is a jurisdictional issue there. The voting irregularities occurred "on and off" the reservations. One misspelling. Sue me. The facts have been stated numerous times and I'm not rehashing them. Brendan Johnson intentionally dropped the ball. No surprise there.

    Donkephant: Same remarks. Thune didn't do the same thing. The pancake feed wasn't during voting hours and he sure as hell didn't provide buses to demand (i.e. "the attendees WILL board the buses…") poor people to vote for him. If the GOP did the same thing, my comments wouldn't change. Prosecute (state and fed) or get rid of the law.

  17. Mike the Archer

    donkephant –

    To my knowledge, no republican has ever held an early vote rally where they fed the voters.

    That is the huge difference.

    A rally where you are encouraged to come meet the candidate and hear his/her stances on the issues is completely different from a rally where you are handed an absentee ballot or loaded onto a bus to be driven to a polling place.

    You seriously cant see a difference between the two?


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