Jackley: United States Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases

United States Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases

PIERRE, S.D. – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear the same-sex marriage cases. “I am pleased that the Supreme Court has decided to take up the issue. There needs to be a national resolution. The question before the Court goes to the heart of the States and their citizens’ traditional role in defining marriage.”

In September of 2014, South Dakota joined with 19 other bi-partisan States requesting that the United States Supreme Court determine whether the U.S. Constitution requires States to adopt and recognize same-sex marriages.

It is anticipated that the Court will hear arguments in April with a final ruling being entered next summer, probably late June.


2 Replies to “Jackley: United States Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases”

  1. Anonymous

    I cannot wait for Dicta to express his intolerant views of alternative marriage.

    Here are a few questions he needs to answer:

    “Where inbreeding was practiced over multiple generations, more and more genes were shared.”

    What does that concern have to do with incestuous marriage?

    1. Gays cannot “inbreed”, right? There is NO concern with gays producing offspring, because that’s biologically impossible. So, with that concern removed, are you ready to support homosexual incestuous marriage?
    2. How does incestuous marriage affect your (or anyone else’s) hetero or gay marriage?
    3. a. The decision of what to do with possible offspring of hetero incestuous marriage–or any marriage or any committed or casual coital relationship for that matter– is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, right?
    b. If it is, then you MUST acknowledge that there is a societal interest in elevating,recognizing, and sanctifying male/female relationships (i.e., normal marriage) as something that society may choose to treat differently BECAUSE of that societal interest in the offspring.

    Let’s hear it, Dicta.


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