Jamison and Brown discuss Sioux Falls event center

Greg Jamison and Vernon Brown

The Argus Leader reported that Sioux Falls city council members Greg Jamison and Vernon Brown (former mayoral candidate) held a press conference discussing the Event Center proposed by Mayor Mike Huether.

City councilors Greg Jamison and Vernon Brown want voters to know that Nov. 8 is not the last chance for an events center and that voting “no” on that day doesn’t make somebody “anti-Sioux Falls.”

Both are concerned that key information is not being presented fairly to voters and held a news conference Thursday to highlight 10 facts they think people should know before voting on the proposed events center.

Jamison and Brown are both consistent in their positions. Both men voted against building the event center at the arena site. An underlying issue for many people is the cost and how to pay for it. A lot of people I speak with want a new event center but don’t feel it is a necessity, and they are hung up on the potential costs.

Brown said that although construction costs will be $115 million, the city would have to borrow $125 million to cover the issuance of bonds. That would lead to full loan payments of $9 million annually. Jamison said examples of projects that equate to almost $9 million include the 10th Street and Cliff Avenue intersection project, the 41st Street overlay, the reconstruction of 57th Street to Tea Ellis road and the reconstruction of River Boulevard.

“Would you be willing to cut items like these every year for the next 22 years? There’s no free lunch,” Jamison said.

The event center would have significantly more support if Huether was willing to work with the downtown business people. Even though we’ve been discussing the prospect of building a new event center for far too long, too many people feel like this particular project and plan are being rushed through without adequate consideration.

As a possible side note, there is talk about how this proposal’s success or failure will affect Mayor Huether’s reelection prospects and Greg Jamison is one of the 2 or 3 people regularly mentioned as a potential challenger to Huether down the road.

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      1. Anonymous

        Geez, that is such an old worn-out thing. And Quayle just went by the teacher’s spelling on the list she gave him. Actually a sad comentary on some of the people in the teaching profession.

  1. duggersd

    I am hearing we need this events center in order to compete with the likes of Omaha, Sioux City, and Fargo. It sounds like the size of center proposed would indeed compete with those venues. However at some point I heard that some of these venues have the acts subsidized, something not being planned by Sioux Falls. Can anybody enlighten me? Like many people, I would like to see an events center, but I am not convinced the funding information is totally complete.

  2. Anonymous

    I think it is fair to say that this type of facility requires $$$$$$$$ from the city, county or state (who every builds them). Some branches of gov fund several M$$$$ to various centers. The city of Omaha spend a lot of $$$$$$$$$ to keep the airport open during the college world series. Water was pumped out to keep it open. Lincoln and was all ready to accept air traffic for Omaha. Minn state gov operates different facilities for the benefit of the public both local and out of state. Tex, AZ, list goes on………

  3. Duh

    I have been told that the arena revenue would be taken (no bled) to fund the events center. I was originally for it, but the economic impact may not justify the cost. What will we gain? 5-6 new concerts? Is that worth the $150 mil? I’m still amazed that the city didn’t gut the arena when the existing events center was being built. What they were thinking, I’ll never know but it was a serious screw up. I hate the fact that we have the arena and anything worth seeing doesn’t come here with the exception of ugh, country bands and past prime musicians.


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