Jamison announces for Mayor against Democrat Huether.

From KELOland.com, Greg Jamison made it official today on challenging Democratic mayor Mike Huether:

Jamison says he wants to change city hall and he hasn’t been able to make those changes as a member of the city council for the last five years.

He says current Mayor Mike Huether has indicated he will run again and under Huether’s leadership, the balance of power between the mayor and the council has been lost.

Jamison’s focus is to change the culture in city government.

“But over the past three years we’ve seen a shift away from that balanced approach of governing. We’ve seen a loss of communication between the administration, the council and the public,” Jamison said.

Read it all here.

8 Replies to “Jamison announces for Mayor against Democrat Huether.”

    1. PP at the SDWC Post author

      Because it annoys Huether. And you.

      Does Jamison have a website yet? So I can change your URL to his to doubly annoy you?

        1. Lee Schoenbeck

          Corey, the brilliance of mayor heuther’s election was the kind of under-the-radar way in which he ran a partisan campaign for mayor. PP’s obviously having fun with you, but as a political junkie you have to admire the way Mike effectively used the Democrat organization (ok, and the fear that kermit would privatize the Falls) to get into the run-off.

  1. Q

    Running on a platform of goo goo politics is nice in theory, but unemployment is low, we cleaned up fine after the storm, and Mike is a social animal. Jamison better wear holes in five pairs of shoes if he expects to win. Lack of communication between the mayor and council is to insider to run on. Plus, Munson really crapped the bed prior to Huether, and Staggers is nice but a loon.

  2. Anonymous

    I didn’t vote in the last SF mayoral election. City politics wasn’t very interesting to me. I’d never heard of Democrat Mike Huether when he was elected mayor. But he sure got my attention within days of taking office:

    The Democrat put city crews to work fixing streets that very much needed repairs. Later that year – 2010 – in early winter, KELO ran a story about sidewalks on Minnesota Avenue that were not cleared of snow and showed how hard it was for people in wheelchairs to get around. Democrat Huether saw that story, and the next day Democrat Huether ordered street crews to go out and clear the sidewalks along Minnesota Avenue. So everybody could use them safely. Mike Huether cares about the people, he cares about this city. Not about the party. The Republicans are making this election all about political affiliations for self gain. Sure, it’s easy to try and distract with charges of unbalanced approaches, loss of communication, blah blah blah. Heard all that before. Many times. Nothing new.

    Democrat Heuther took ownership of the clean up of trees/branches from April’s ice storm and handled it very well. He’s moving the city forward by building a new event center. Major roads in town are being re-built – it’s needed. Democrat Heuther has my attention and I will gladly vote for him. If Greg Jamison says he can’t make changes to City Hall as a councilman, why would I want him as mayor.

    1. Exodus

      In 2010 I went knocked on doors for Kermit Staggers and while Huether hasn’t been a bad mayor I wouldn’t vote for him because of his ego.

      You raise a very good point about this part of the article:

      “Jamison says he wants to change city hall and he hasn’t been able to make those changes as a member of the city council for the last five years.”

      This might be something Jamison wants to avoid saying.

      Jamison is a very good candidate and I wish him the best.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, he might want to avoid saying that but it’s too late now. It’s out there. I’m surprised his Republican handlers did not discourage that statement.

        Is it really Huether’s ‘ego’ that you don’t like or the confidence he has in himself and this city?


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