Jason Ravnsborg in Mitchell

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  1. Anonymous

    Is it true that Dan Lederman recruited him to run to be a pawn for Mike Rounds?

    How much money is Rounds paying him to get in the race to draw votes from Stace Nelson?

    1. Troy Jones

      No. None.

      Not only is insulting to Mike Rounds (who we know you loathe) but it is insulting to this officer of the military and officer of the court.

      Why do you keep repeating these lies? Oh, yeah, you are anonymous.

      1. Anonymous

        He thinks if he gets it ‘out there’ and repeats enough his lies might stick, that’s why. That campaign has no regard for anyone, especially for a better military candidate that even with no legislative experience brings more to the table.

    2. Democrat who knows

      Stace Nelson repels votes from Stace Nelson. That is a problem for Nelson. He should worry about himself and not everyone else.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    Jason is committed to the race and running for all the right reasons. It’s one of those rights we all have. If we only let those run that were “preferred”, a lot of good office holders would have been excluded.

    1. Anonymous

      ..and yet those reasons remain a mystery.

      Is he running because Mike Rounds and Larry Rhoden are no conservatives?

      Because he couldn’t get elected in his home state of Iowa?

      Do you people speak for his campaign? Are you claiming he has not told people that Arends and Lederman were instrumental in recruiting him?

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    Ok, I’ll bite. I’m a Rhoden fan, but I heard this directly from Jason – who works and lives in Yankton (which is not in Iowa, but a big move by the Missouri could make Nebraska an option). He felt that his military service and reasoned conservative approach to issues made him a better candidate than other options. I think he’s chasing a dream, but he doesn’t deserve the nasty comments. He’s just a guy who thinks he has something to offer in the state he lives and works in – South Dakota.

    1. Exodus

      I’m with Lee. Ravnsborg is doing something crazy but at least he’s not trashing anyone like Nelson and he’s not stiffing anyone like Boz.

    2. Anonymous

      I’m with Lee also. No one can deny the name ID that Rounds has. Rhoden is the only other one that has any widespread respect amongst the other legislators but yet, low name ID due to where he lives. Nelson has done absolutely nothing in the last four years, Bosworth is a one topic (and to say the least, skeptical) candidate; Ravsnborg is very respectable with solid military service.

      It’s up to us SD’s to decide, not people getting letters of whatever throughout the nation. Lots more to come, I’m sure.

    3. Anonymous

      “Reasoned conservative approach” = Another Rounds pragmatist who will sell out conservatives

      So why are you a Rhoden supporter? Is it his pragmatism and ability to jump from the Democratic party after 21 years to the GOP to get elected in a Republican district?

      Or is it his identical record with Mike Rounds on taxing, spending, and creating more government? Rhoden pointed out that Rounds is “no conservative.” with his record of carrying the bucket for moderate Mike, Rhoden is “no conservative.”

  4. Coyote

    Jason is more politically savvy than most would think. No one is paying him to be in the race, that’s ludicrous and shows the limited mind of a conspiracy theorist.

    Jason likely recognizes that:

    1. The GOED/EB5 scandal is real and could very well take Rounds out before the June primary.

    2. Bosworth is getting swallowed up by her own scams and will be out before the June primary. Republicans will be tired of this con-artist and won’t be willing to touch her.

    3, Rhoden really doesn’t stand a chance because he carries that 20 something years of being a Democrat. Do South Dakotan Republicans trust anybody that was a Democrat?

    4. Where does that lead Nelson? Apparently the Republican establishment can’t stand Nelson. Are there enough tea partiers to carry him?

    So, what is left is Jason, who doesn’t seem to have much political experience, but isn’t carrying as much baggage as the others. Or, will Kristi jump in to to save the party and win that senate seat?

    1. Democrat who knows

      That is nuts.

      Ravnsborg is probably running now to get his name out there so he can run for AG in 4 years – he has 0% chance of getting more than 10% of the vote in June and about a 5% chance that 20% of those voting for him know who he is.

      1. He’s in over his head. Dream or not he’s in over his head. But he would be a solid legislative candidate.
      2. Rounds is 50 points minimum ahead of everyone in the race
      3. Ravnsborg, Nelson, Rhoden don’t have any name id and they have less money. Bosworth doesn’t even count anymore.
      4. Lee Schoenbeck would be in second place right now with over 20% of the vote if he were running (a good showing at this point in time for second place) and he would probably have $250-500k raised. No one else has done any of this.
      5. If you don’t go to GOP lunches or follow Ravsnborg on twitter you have never heard of him.
      6. If he wants to be viable he needs to raise at the minimum a couple hundred grand (not like Bosworth but real SD donors showing real SD support. No one will go to him if he can’t prove he has financial support.

  5. Veldy

    Quite simply, he saw an opportunity to offer a choice. Outside of MMR all the others were sucking wind at best and continue to do so.

    1. Anonymous

      So it is just coincidence that Rounds cronys Arends & Lederman are behind Bosworth & Ravnsberg, and it just happens to benefit Mike Rounds to have these two in the race claiming to be conservatives?

      Did I mention I have Mr Rushmore for sale?

      1. Veldy

        If you have Mt Rushmore for sale, it’s because you were gullible enough to buy it in the first place, which explains the rest of your comment.

  6. Troy Jones


    Funniest comment this month on any blog. Problem is it will go over a few heads.