Jason Ravnsborg sends out mailer to Delegates

Also in my mailbox today was a mailer from the Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General campaign, rounding up a number of the endorsements he’s received:

Jason for South Dakota – Mailer by Pat Powers on Scribd

23 thoughts on “Jason Ravnsborg sends out mailer to Delegates”

  1. Very well written letter that was very informative.

    How anyone thinks he is not qualified is beyond me and a lot of BS from the other campaigns.

    I continue to believe he is the most qualified and best suited to be our next AG. He has not traveled the traditional route, but I find that REFRESHING.

    Keep up the good work young man, we need more people like you involved in the party!

  2. A lot of endorsements! Jason has a lot of energy and drive, something we need in South Dakota. He has experience managing people, fighting for what’s right, and serving for the greater good.

    1. Jason has had lots of time too all these years to campaign full time and drive all over the state. Good for him!

  3. I like this guy. In my eyes, anyone who can manage truck convoys in a war zone can keep a bunch of lawyers on task in Pierre.

  4. Why has he mislead the people of SD about his legal experience. Huge character flaw.

    1. Mary,
      Why do you keep posting these lies that no one believes. Ravnsborg has not mislead anyone. It is your husband Fitzgerald who has mislead everyone with his so called court experience. A 48% conviction rate is pathetic. It’s show Fitzgerald is wasting taxpayer and doesn’t know how to prosecute.

      1. What about Jason’s old US Senate campaign photo with him posing in front of an A-10 Warthog? If he was a transportation unit company commander why would he place that photo there where SD voters would think he was a pilot? Did he somehow pull double duty having all the responsibilities of being a Transportation Unit Commander by day and an A-10 Warthog pilot by night?

        Besides actual courtroom experience there are a number of unanswered questions looming over the Ravsnborg campaign.

        1. Shall we re-hash Fitzgeralds failed 2002 campaign also? and his 2006 campaign for judge?

          How about Russell’s 2006 failed campaign for judge?

          You must be a Heidelberger follower with such weak attacks.

    2. In a general election Seth Tupper and Dana Fergusen will require he call them back.

      Randy Seiler will actually have someone research and get an answer on this question of trials and experience.

      Russell will have plenty to answer for in a general also.

      Fitzgerald will need to learn how to be a stronger candidate. I guess his weakness is more about how to become AG than being AG.

      Kristi and the GOP can probably get him over that hurdle. The other two are bigger hurdles.

      1. What hurdle for Ravnsborg. All those endorsements prove his law experience, leadership, and management capabilities.

        I am worried as heck if Fitzgerald or Russell slip by. Russell was censored and fired, a ton of baggage.

        Fitzgerald has a failing conviction rate that seiler will research and find. That questions his only reason he is campaigning for AG is because of his trials. Not good st all.

          1. or we can wait for an experienced Randy Seiler to cross-examine Jason Ravnsborg about all these unanswered questions during their debate. Get the popcorn out.

            1. Like Fitzgeralds FAILED negative attack ad the other day…if that is an effective cross examination then no wonder he has to have so many trials and has such a low conviction rate…..

              Sad to see Fitzgerald constantly going negative, his whole campaign is attack Ravnsborg and a few times attack Russell.

  5. Do you think if by some miracle Fitzgerald wins this nomination he can finally persuade the bar exam to change the difficulty of the test so all of his family can officially be “lawyers?”

  6. I have been impressed with this guy for a long time. I do think he is the most qualified to be AG. He is doing it in a different way–actually making a living practicing law, not on the government dime; managing a budget and employing people—I thought we were for that sort of thing in the Republican party.

    He has the most well rounded background.

    Russell I will give you has a good background in legislating and being a states attorney, but he has too many scandals. Fitzgerald is third in my book, he has done one thing for 30+ years and while he has done a lot of trials I have no idea why he is running…he has the poorest messaging of the campaign in my opinion.

    Ravnsborg is the only candidate to raise money to compete with Seiler, have significant endorsements in many different areas and have a vision for the office and how he would lead. I just don’t see that in the other 3.

  7. Let’s keep it on topic. Some of these back and forth attacks are getting old.

  8. Somebody is envious of Jason’s more substantive service so he keeps bringing up the picture. The insecurities are palpable. And sad.

  9. Jason is running a great campaign. He is a good leader first and a good attorney second. That’s what is needed.

  10. Hey stace. Still jealous of Ravnsborg’s military service I see. Very sad, move on stace won’t you?

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