Jason Williams in as Haeder deputy, Drewes returns as Sattgast deputy, Lutz continues as Barnett deputy

The Capital Journal has a story today with a rundown of the transitions in the Constitutional Offices, including comings, goings, and new deputies:

Chosen by Haeder as the new Deputy of the State Treasurer is Jason Williams, Pierre. Williams previously served as communications director for the Secretary of State’s office.


“The Auditor’s Office will have to be issuing checks the first week I’ll be in office. We have to have everything ready – signature plates and other things,” Sattgast said. He said that there are several retirements from the Auditor’s Office, and five people are moving to different positions within the state government. “There is a very strong staff currently in he Auditor’s Office. I am looking forward to working with them, as they have proven themselves as an asset to the people of South Dakota.

The Deputy Auditor will be Rik Drewes.


“As far as our progress concerning the transition, I’m pleased to relay that all of the current Secretary of State’s staff will remain onboard, with the exception of two retirements,” said Barnett. “I’m excited that they’ve agreed to join my staff, as their wealth of knowledge and experience will greatly aid in a smooth transition. Jason Lutz, who currently serves as my Deputy State Auditor, will also be joining me and serve as Deputy Secretary of State.”

Read the entire story here.

Lots more information than I can excerpt here – check it out, and find out who is coming, and who is going.

14 Replies to “Jason Williams in as Haeder deputy, Drewes returns as Sattgast deputy, Lutz continues as Barnett deputy”

  1. a friend of education

    While imperfect, our state government works fairly well (& far better than most states’). We want improvement, sure, but wholesale changes could be catastrophic. Hence I’m pleased to see continuity — a prudent retention of knowledgeable, experienced staff. The next step: infusing a dose of new talent. Recruit smart men and women from other fields. Their perspectives and contributions will enable the govt to surpass previous performance.

      1. a friend of education

        Corruption infects all big governments, just as it infects all big corporations. To our national disgrace, corruption has even infested the FBI. SD’s state government is less corrupt than most. Far less corrupt that Illinois’ for example. Less corrupt than California. Less corrupt than New York. Less corrupt than Virginia.

        You may attack me for touting a good but imperfect administration. You may call me unduly Panglossian for believing, as i do, that the incoming administration will be even better. We’ll see what the future holds. I just hope you’re consistent, holding the administration of *every* US city and state to your pristine standard.

  2. grudznick

    These offices are but pimples on the butt of government, and having the same butts shuffle around the musical chairs is a no greater harm than it has been for the last 50 years. We need somebody like an Alice Kundert to ride in and rectify the masses.

  3. Anonymous

    Williams is awesome, and Lutz is 1000X harder working than his superior! Great choices! Hopefully out won’t be long before they’re running their own races.

  4. Troy Jones

    Barnett is a gifted public servant. Biggest vote getter statewide this year.

    Regarding future office, the major slots are filled for eight years. Patience is going to prove to be a virtue.


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