Jay must need a scheduler. Or a clue. 

Democrat US Senate Candidate Jay Williams must be in need of a scheduler. Or a clue. Because his latest press release seems a little silly:

Jay Williams, South Dakota’s Democratic U.S. Senate candidate will be speaking to the Yankton Rotary Club this Tuesday, August 2 at the regular noon meeting. This is the first Rotary Club Mr. Williams will address during his campaign. Williams is asking all Rotary clubs in South Dakota to invite him to speak at their clubs.


Because Senator Thune has made appearances at several South Dakota Rotary Clubs during this election cycle, Mr. Williams is asking South Dakota Rotary Clubs to invite him to their meetings where he will speak and answer questions. In this way, Mr. Williams says he can have a virtual debate with Senator Thune by answering questions in the same forum only at different times. These “Rotary Debates” as Mr. Williams calls them will allow voters to see and compare the candidates’ views on the issues facing our nation. Mr. Williams would like to speak to every Rotary Club in South Dakota during the remaining 3 months of this campaign. He requests all South Dakota Rotary Clubs email him….

Read it here.

In most campaigns, they would have a scheduler who sets this kind of thing up. But then again, most campaigns would not have to beg people to call him, as Williams is doing here.

williamsI get a sense of desperation from this release on Williams’ part, since literally he’s down to begging service clubs to call him to speak.

Alas, with his position that “we’re undertaxed in South Dakota, an Income tax would be a good way to go.” and how we need “government subsidies so everyone could put photo-voltaic cells on their roofs,” I don’t think his phone is going to start ringing anytime soon.

5 Replies to “Jay must need a scheduler. Or a clue. ”

  1. PlanningStudent

    This was embarrassing to read… Just made me cringe. Also makes you feel bad for the guy, kind of… And if I was a registered (D) I would be mad at the SDDP for letting this happen. They recruited the guy, they need to support him and help him not look like a fool. He drags their entire brand down. The SDDP moans about one party rule in SoDak. That isn’t the SDGOP’s fault, the SDDP fails to present themselves as a viable option in SoDak.

  2. Anonymous

    How much more does someone need to know before they decide they would never vote for him and don’t even want to bump into him on the street? This guy is a socialist, and if you do feel the urge to vote for him, move to France and leave the USA alone.

  3. Adam Zobel

    Is his candidacy part of the Dem plan to boost Hillary’s campaign? After all, he looks so bad, it makes her look good by comparison.