Jay Williams claims “a good chance” to beat Thune, and “Taxes may have to rise for the middle class.” Make that “a snowball’s chance” to beat Thune.

Jay Williams had another barn-burner of an interview this week, this time sitting down with the Mitchell Daily Republic yesterday, where he showed his priorities, and claimed he had “a good chance” to beat Senator John Thune.

williamsA Yankton Democrat arrived in Mitchell on Tuesday seeking support for his bid for the U.S. Senate, and he believes he has “a good chance” to unseat his incumbent opponent.


“Perhaps the biggest issue, the most important issue to all of us on this whole entire planet is our environment,” Williams said.


But it’s not just the rich who would see a tax hike under Williams’ proposal. He said taxes may have to rise for the middle class, too, saying middle-class individuals don’t pay much in taxes now.

“People are willing to pay taxes. They just don’t feel right about them being the only ones paying taxes,” Williams said.

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So, 50 people were just gunned down in Florida, very possibly by a radical Islamic terrorist, and he wants to make everyone drive a prius, and – to top it all off, says we should pay more in taxes?

Good gosh. Can anyone say out-of-touch liberal whack-job?

Democrats – he’s you’re guy, and you can ride the Titanic all the way to the bottom if that’s your goal.

“A good chance” to unseat Thune. Maybe we should help with the editing on that.

A good Not a snowball’s chance in hell” to unseat Thune.  Hmm… that has possibilities. “A good chance to become Batman and fight crime at night, as opposed to being remotely able” to unseat Thune.  A little long, but that would fit too.

A good Utterly no chance” to unseat Thune.  Given his wack-a-doodle priorities, and his pledge to raise taxes on us all – that probably works the best in this instance.

11 Replies to “Jay Williams claims “a good chance” to beat Thune, and “Taxes may have to rise for the middle class.” Make that “a snowball’s chance” to beat Thune.”

  1. Billy

    Jay and I were on the same committee. Nobody else would run for the US Senate so Jay said if they couldn’t find anybody he’d run. Kind of a dumb move, but the Democrats don’t have a bench.

  2. Anonymous

    You can’t find another rabbit so run a turtle with a broken back-intelligent. This Williams guy is delusional if he thinks he could beat Thune. I’m not saying that Thune has been so spectacular that he is unbeatable, but not by this dufus. If this is the best the Dems have to offer, they don’t offer much. Jay should just stick to drinking with strippers instead of trying to make laws about how others should live their lives and how much other should pay to the almighty and always benevolent gubmint!

  3. Springer

    What a waste of time and money for the Dems, but I guess any money spent here is less they have to spend on any of the few races they might have a chance to win. IMO the Dems would be better off not to run anyone than run a person who is so out of tune with the priorities at this time.

    1. Troy Jones

      You are right. He won’t get close to 39. Jay should consider 30% an accomplishment considering how far politically he is from the average South Dakotan.

  4. enquirer

    during his last senate term, tim johnson was asked about the horrible financial impacts of the carbon taxes senator boxer was seeking to impose during the final days of the democrat majority. his best off-the-cuff answer was that south dakotans would need to bear their full share of the national pain in passing the boxer bill. it’s just as well that he didn’t run again.

  5. anonymous

    He might get 35-38% considering how Democrats support their own with no guiding principles, even if those candidates exhibit indecent behaviors like Bill Clinton.