Jay Williams fundraising fails to be at US Senate race level. $7k raised*. $4k spent, $24k Cash on hand.

Looks like Democrat US Senate Jay Williams is raising good money for a legislative campaign. Too bad, it’s a state legislative one, because this is some of the worst fundraising for a US Senate campaign we’ve seen since… well, ever.

Jay Williams 2016 Q2 FEC Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

Coming off of the Democrat State Convention, you would have thought he should have had a nice bump, raising money from his “people;” the true believers of the State Democrat Party. Instead, it’s as if the heaviest hitters the Democrat party had to offer looked at Jay… looked at their checkbooks…. and decided to give the minimum amount they had to with out looking cheap. And there are far more people on the Democrat’s fundraising rolls who simply did not give at all.

Clearly, Democrats are saving their money for a different candidate, or to place elsewhere, such as State Legislative races. Because they aren’t opening their hearts and wallets for this candidate.

(* Williams raised $19,623 as reported in the pre-primary report, which could be added to this total. Which is still less than Thune earned in Interest)

3 Replies to “Jay Williams fundraising fails to be at US Senate race level. $7k raised*. $4k spent, $24k Cash on hand.”

  1. Troy Jones

    I am so torn in this race.

    On one hand, I’m always wondering what the true “yellow dog line” is with regard to the lowest % a Democrat can get in a state-wide election. Last election, Rick Weiland’s 29.5% would have set the line except for Susan Wismer’s 25.4%. Jay Williams really might be the candidate to give us a definitive “yellow dog line.”

    On the other hand, I like Jay Williams personally. I think his views and policy prescriptions are wacky but I like him as a person. I really don’t want to have him be the person to give us the “yellow dog line” but I think Jay has decided to do so unless he pulls out before the deadline. Isn’t that date coming up soon?