Jay Williams solidifying the hippie vote.

First, Democrat US Senate Candidate Jay Williams was out demanding that all fossil fuels be banned.

And in his latest missive, he claims pot prohibition “is a bad idea,” and the war on drugs was actually Nixon going after “people of color and war protesters.”


Welcome to the 1960’s.  Or at least, welcome to a candidate with liberal views from them.

21 Replies to “Jay Williams solidifying the hippie vote.”

    1. Tara Volesky

      All right, this guy is with it. I want to farm Industrial hemp and the Legislature says No? Talk about being in the dark ages. If fact I would love to produce and create some jobs in the hemp and medical marijuana field. I think it is great and would be a billion dollar industry in SD. Go Jay, you have my vote, and I don’t even smoke marijuana. It will be a great industry.

  1. Anonymous

    Then move to Colorado, Jay; why mess up one state to your liking when there is another that already has legalized getting high and being irresponsible. This guy is truly a twit, and not just because of his desire to boost stock in Doritos.

      1. Anonymous

        Most of CO’s growth has been in oil, gas, & mineral extraction.

        That sector has tanked and is tanking.

        Big Pot ain’t gonna make up the difference.

        1. Tara Volesky

          Check out their tax revenues from pot. Millions and millions of tax dollars are giving Colorado a smoking economy.

  2. Anonymous

    Jay go hang out and smoke weed with Porter. Kory can go to New Mexico or Portlandlia and take the rest of the kookie followers with them.

    1. Anonymous

      Communist slackers have all the answers, and you wonder why the country is going to hell and a handbasket.

  3. Anonymous

    I better not see that Libbie driving a car unless it was made by solar energy and uses solar energy. strap on some shoes not made in a factory and start walking. No fossil fuels — looney toon.