Jeff Barth ad gains traction

When I first started the ad I chuckled at how poor the quality was and how Barth was out of breath before speaking. It was certainly not filmed by a high end ad agency (and maybe that’s some of the appeal). But when Barth started to speak, I could feel it resonate on some level. Maybe I didn’t agree with all of what he was saying, but I could tell this guy is frustrated and maybe feels a little bit like many conservatives did leading up to the 2010 election.

I recommend watching the ad. Matt Varilek might be in some serious trouble as he approaches the June 5th primary and find himself wishing that he’d given the Democrats more reason to vote for him than the fact that he’s in tight with the establishment.


The Argus has more on the ad:

Various props are scattered along the path, including a cutout of a horse’s rear end, a mannequin representing incumbent Rep. Kristi Noem, and a gun, which Barth appears to fire.

Since going online, it got picked up by national news organizations including the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and MSNBC.

Barth said Thursday evening that he might be making an appearance on national cable news Friday to discuss the ad, but wouldn’t say which channel.

If I was a Dem, I’d hitch my wagon to Barth and never look back. He’s somewhat brash and doesn’t come off as rehearsed.

Never thought I’d say this but Jeff Barth is clearly head and shoulders the best candidate the Democrats have running and most likely the one they will enjoy supporting the most.

If Barth pulls off this upset, it will not bode well as a sign of strength for Senator Johnson’s organization.

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  1. Arrowhead

    Doesn’t this guy kind of remind you of Noem in the primary a couple years ago? She came across as genuinly upset with the direction our country was going.

    I haven’t seen that side of Kristi since the primary and maybe occassionally in the general. She comes off as rehearsed or like she’s being told what to say all the time now. I don’t like it.

    Barth might not be with me on the issues but I prefer his bluntness to her calculatedness.


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