Jeff Barth is just making it up at this point. PUC Candidate just throws out nonsense in Capital Journal article

A correspondent noted to me this morning that the picture accompanying the article makes it look like even his companion at the event is incredulous at the crazy sh*t coming out of Jeff Barth’s mouth as the Democrat’s Public Utilities Commission Candidate just seems to be making stuff up at this point.

But read the article for yourselves and make up your own mind:

Minnehaha County Commissioner and South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Democratic candidate Jeff Barth was critical of Summit’s project when his campaign contacted the Capital Journal.

“What they’re going to do is pump (CO2) up to North Dakota and inject it into the ground, supposedly to store it. In fact, according to the federal government, it’s to help extract oil and gas, which absolutely defeats the green aspect that they claim,” Barth said, referring to “fracking.”

Read that here.

NEVERMIND that the terminus (end) of the pipeline is in an area that doesn’t have oil or gas reserves. And the permit and easements don’t allow for it.

There’s also the horror story that Barth paints..

Barth’s fundamental concern with safety remained. To illustrate, he offered a terrifying precedent.

On the evening of Feb 2, 2020, a CO2 pipeline burst in Satartia, Mississippi. Emergency services weren’t immediately able to pinpoint the cause behind a cascade of frantic 911 calls and reports of choking. Even after CO2 was identified, first responders had little to no experience with the gas and may have lacked sufficient equipment to respond effectively. Although no one was killed, injuries and panic were significant.

Summit Carbon Solutions had no connection to that event.

Also read that here.

Aside from watching too many 50’s horror movies, the Satartia, Mississippi leak released a toxic gas that was mixed with the CO2. The Summit pipeline is only carrying 100% CO2.

For a supposedly smart guy, Jeff doesn’t let facts stand in the way of fear mongering and old wives tales in an attempt to garner votes.

6 thoughts on “Jeff Barth is just making it up at this point. PUC Candidate just throws out nonsense in Capital Journal article”

  1. “Jeff doesn’t let facts stand in the way of fear mongering and old wives tales in an attempt to garner votes.”

    This is covered in chapter 1 of the liberal playbook.

  2. As a first responder, we have discussed this at length. We are more than equipped to handle the evacuation and recovery of individuals who may have succumbed. If a dept can’t handle this, then they cant handle a large structure fire. We can go a long ways and do a lot with 45 min air bottles.

  3. It is apples to oranges when trying to compare the Summit pipeline to what happened in Mississippi because it was not pure carbon. And the facts show that it was the other chemicals that really caused the issues. Trying to make that comparison is not a valid argument. However, even pure CO2 is an asphyxiant as it displaces oxygen and is also heavier than oxygen. So it is also not fair to simply throw any safety concern out the window. Nearly 75% of registered voters in the county I live, McPherson, are registered Republicans. While I have not done the math for every county, it is a fair assumption that we are one of the most conservative counties in South Dakota with only a small number of west river counties having a slightly higher percentage. Outside of Summit employees, we have yet to have one single person show up to a county commission meeting in favor of the pipeline. The number of people that show up in opposition is always very large. From speaking with other counties that the pipeline is proposed to run through, it appears that the same thing is happening in them as well. Little to no proponents, a large number of opponents. It does not seem that party affiliation has anything to do with being in favor or opposition of this project.

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