Jeff Barth video nears 80,000 views

I have to admit I’ve watched the ad about 20 times. The Jeff Barth video juggernaut has arrived. He’s cleared over 78,000 views on youtube. In comparison Kristi Noem’s “Caucus” ad from the 2010 campaign has over 80,000 views (Without doing much searching that appears to be her most viewed video). How many views will Barth’s video get?

Over on youtube I’ve been reading the comments posted about Barth’s video and I thought I’d share some of the best ones:

At least no one can call him “gutless.” – drakono82 10 hours ago

“Dude got winded walking downhill. Stick to chess.” – sgrotjan 16 hours ago

“He’s like a fat Forrest Gump. I shall now refer to him as Forrest Gut.” –  Aceman7723 16 hours ago

“I’m glad someone finally recorded Jeff’s daily trip-to-the-mailbox speech.” – dfgyuhdd 13 hours ago

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the most exercise Jeff Barth has gotten since his ostrich riding days.” – Aceman7723 1 day ago

“All I want to know is: what is he smuggling under his shirt?” – neoshake 1 day ago

“What is with all the weight comments This guy is actually taking an active part in your country’s political system so that he can bring what he considers good change, and all you people can do is comment on the gut of an old man who seems to have lived a pretty cool life if you? ask me.” – Simbalis 1 day ago

“The best political ad EVER!” – kolatubosun 1 day ago

“I just Googled Kristi Noem —Wow !.. Mr. Barth, forget about Washington.” – jbjumpback 16 hours ago

“They cut out the part at the end with the firetruck and the defibrillator.” – jrblackify 5 hours ago

Barth might find himself the media darling in South Dakota politics with reporters hoping to catch his next great moment. And for a candidate with a lack of cash, nothing could be better.

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  1. Anonymous

    He should use the slogan…

    “Go with your gut.”
    “I’ve got a gut feelin.”
    “My gut tells me.”
    “Kristi Noem has no guts.”
    “No guts no glory.”
    “Kristi Noem is guttless.”

    1. Dave R

      That might actually work. Self deprecating and amusing with endless variations. Could become his meme.

      1. Arrowhead

        If he uses those lines he will win people over and he can truly blast Noem without coming off as a mean old guy.

        Self depricating and to the point.

  2. grudznick

    I posted my previous comments before reading this. I guess others made belly comments too. I now feel bad about mine, because I have an even bigger belly than this young man, and know it does not bear on his ability to serve. Should he be elected. Which he won’t. But still, let us all leave the “gut” comments behind.

  3. dawn

    What should scare Kristi is that Dems are really fired up about Barth. It’s all snowballing against her right now into the perfect storm.

    1st Varilek antagonizes the liberal base making Barth more appealing.

    2nd The Dems slam Noem for not showing up to committee meetings and she doesn’t respond for a really long time

    3rd Barth releases this silly ad that goes viral and he show populist outrage that is very powerful to folks that are upset.

    Next maybe Noem gets a speeding ticket.

    We all think most of DC is full of “horses asses” and we are all pissed off at congress and pissed off at their partisanship and we all think most of them are “idiots.”

    Barth struck a nerve. Now he has to make it last.

    1. name

      My theory is that the Dems don’t think they can defeat Noem so they just want someone who can throw bricks at her in hopes that she’s made of glass.

  4. Anonymous

    If Barth gets the nomination it will be similar to Trump going after Obama on the birth certificate.

    1. insomniac

      Varilek is toast. I haven’t seen signs for either candidate. Which is bizzare since I’d have assumed Varilek would have used the Johnson network across the state. I also have’nt seen letters to the editor.

      Varilek must be planning a strategy to go on offense.

  5. Troy Jones Post author

    The question is will it generate votes.

    I think it will only because it is the first non-stealth move by either candidate.

    As I reflect, I do think MV excessively and unwisely assumed his stable of endorsements was enough. This underestimation of JB could be his undoing.

    In the end, it will hardly matter. KN has to run one ad to win 60-40%:

    “Do you want your lone member of the USA Congress to support or oppose Obamacare?”

    1. eye pea

      Obamacare will be sustained by SCOTUS 8-1.

      Noem will be defeated as part of a 47-state landslide being engineered by DNC especially after her marriage fidelity facade crumbles like crepe paper.

        1. eye pea

          South Dakotans don’t want honest politicians like Jim Abdnor. They want sleazy two-timers like John Thune who has co-sponsored a stupid bill like S. 3248.

          A bizarre coalition of senators dragged to the floor by Wyoming’s earth hating Senator Mike Uzi has sponsored The Bison Legacy Act which seeks to recognize “North American bison.”

          The AP’s Matthew Brown wrote “Plains bison” in a Missoulian article.

          Thomas does not note whether genetically pure Plains Bison are lumped in with the hybrid mongrels that inhabit feedlots, Custer State Park, and the National Bison Range.

          Very suspicious: this thing is on a slippery slope for a future of mixing the species in the wild.

          Interesting that Montana’s senators are not on Thomas’ sponsor list where it’s also noted that the bill has poor chance of becoming law (21%).

          Watch Kristi manipulate her haphazard committee attendance to vote for this pathetic diversion from real-world legislation.

          Stupid red state.

    2. Winston

      This congressional election cycle the issue will not be ObamaCare. It will be “Its Medicare Stupid.”

  6. insomniac


    As always you make more sense than most.

    I have a feeling Obamacare won’t matter in the next election because it will be rightfully taken down by the supreme court. The AG’s and Marty Jackley across this state are really the ones making a difference with Obamacare.

    Congress is more of a mouth piece that a place things get accomplished.

    I wouldn’t be voting for Barth but I can see him calling Noem out on issues and generating cross over votes. I’m not sure it’s a blow out win for Noem in 2012. The political climate just reaks of FED UP!

  7. 73*

    In one instant Barth became likable to voters. He called those folks in DC idiots, horses asses and said they tell us one thing and then do whatever the hell they want.

    That right there is enough to fire up a base and appeal across party lines. What Barth might be able to do that Varilek can’t is make Noem explain her positions on issues. She really doesn’t do a very good job of explaining why we need to do things. That’s maybe my biggerst disappointment with her. Barth on the other hand is wrong on most issues. But he’s right everyone there is an idiot or else acts like it when they get to DC.

  8. Winston

    My guess is that there is a major division going on within the Varilek camp between the Washington insiders, who have now probably seized controlled of the Varilek campaign, and the original South Dakota campaign team. This reality always causes resentment and declining morale within any campaign team.

    Varilek will probably go negative after Memorial Day weekend, but Varilek’s people have to be careful. Such a strategy could blow up in their face. Barth’s camp has proved itself to be stealth, innovative, and has an incredible resilience.

    I hope there are more videos!!!!

    1. 73*


      Why would Varilek go negative when he hasn’t even gone positive yet or introduced himself to the public?

      If Varilek runs a positive TV ad he will still win this primary because that will be the only association most primary voters have with either.

      Let’s face it 130,00 South Dakotans aren’t watching the ad.

      I hope Barth wins this primary but I can’t say he has all the tools to give Noem a run for the seat if he doesn’t have any money.

      That said I’ll vote for Kristi again in the general.

      1. Winston


        Varilek has introduced himself to the key Democratic constituencies, but his support based on Facebook and YouTube interest is stagnant and becoming volatile. A positive ad by Varilek will be as ineffective as his “90s era” political postcards are.

        YouTube has made Barth a “Rock Star” and a potential money machine if the Barth people work it right.

        Noem – “Rock Star”
        Barth – “Unconventional Wellstonian” and “Rock Star”
        Varilek – Not so much

  9. Winston


    1. 73*

      Noem was damaged enough in the last couple weeks that she’s spending money and attempting to repair her image.

      That clearly means she knows this was an effective issue for the D’s. Now the D’s have to make sure they don’t jump the shark by over doing it.

  10. grudznick

    Wait until you see the youtubes count after young Ms. Noem walks down a hundred yard hill in her commercial.

    1. Winston

      Yeah, she will be toting a college backpack during her stroll. Then all a sudden she will inform the viewers that she has to leave because she is late for a committee hearing, and off she goes, but unbeknownst to her
      the DC and Wall Drug signs have been switched around …(those damn Barth people sure are crafty.)

  11. Stace Nelson

    Kristi better get her dang voter services up to par or she will lose support across the state. That being said, I have met Jeff & Matt and they cannot carry a candle next to the sharp woman from Castlewood no . matter how many videos they do.

    You folks have a heluva candidate in Bernie Hunhoff. I disagree with him on certains issues and the reason for disagreeing therein on the issues; however, he is a class act and someone folks can respect no matter their party registration.

    As it is one of the most holy days for veterans, please enjoy:

    1. Arrowhead


      Why do you spend so much time trashing Republicans who you think are too liberal and spend so much time praising Democrats who are more liberal than those R’s you can’t stand?

      I don’t get it.

      And yes KN better crack that whip but lets not over state how pathetic Barth still is as a candidate even with a hit video under his belt.

    2. Mr. Moderate

      Any bets on how fast Stace’s opinion would change on Kristi if she too would endorse her friend Val, the way the Governor and Sec of state already have. If you look back at posts of the past made by him, he once considered them to be “sharp” as well.
      It would be a lot easier for Stace to be a “Good Republican” if the rest of the Republicans would just see things his way. Pity

  12. Job Creator

    KN will win because the Dems don’t have the cahones to rough her up. They can do this without the negative impacts of the “picking on a girl” syndrome. South Dakotans have shown time after time that they are pragmatic and that would probably favor Barth in a general.

    On the flip side of that, it appears that many have become even more dogmatic during the last four years. That is going to be hard to overcome by any challenger. Karl Rove taught us that lies and deception on a repetitive basis WORK.

    1. Anonymous

      The Barth video roaring along at 146K will change dogmatic attitudes without lies and deception. $100 on Barth and raise you $500 KN.

      Sad we have to lose 4 years in DC just to keep a seat warm, and we complain about TJ keeping the seat warm for the Dems.

      We are sacrificing our best for a temporary win and our party will pay dearly for this unfortunate error. But, that’s just politics.


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