Jenna Haggar raising funds for Senate Campaign

I just received this via e-mail from State Senator Jenna Haggar, who is out raising funds to run her campaign for State Senate. Check it out, and if you’re so inclined…:

Image 8-31-16 at 6.51 PM

Thanks for being on this “political rollercoaster” with me.

As I seek my second term in the South Dakota State Senate and fourth term overall I write you this note with extreme gratitude because of the goals you have communicated and the support you have offered. Your willingness to take a conservative position on today’s political issues have such meaningful influence, not just on me or what I personally strive to accomplish with each year I serve in our Capitol but also for the greater good of mankind and seeing the true responsibility (and privilege!) of creating a society that fits our definition of prosperity, a country under God and also the American dream.

But I need your help. Because of the aggressive nature of this year’s political season my campaign expenses will increase and my efforts will be redoubled. Will you make a financial contribution to my campaign today at

The Democrat party in South Dakota recruited a candidate to challenge me. In a year where their registration numbers are declining, they primarily focus on liberal democrats to run for office. The extreme positions taken by the democrats are in such contradiction with many South Dakotans. But many liberal national groups send candidates money in South Dakota with hopes of negatively influencing our state against issues that you and I hold dear to us. 

My legislative campaigns have always been financially supported by individuals, small contributions add so much to my campaign. Being supported by like-minded folks across South Dakota is a good thing! Each election I am committed to knocking on hundreds of doors, reaching out to thousands of voters and blanketing the community with a message of conservative principles and family values. And while these campaigns are very expensive they are always rewarding. And it is only because of your donation my campaigns are even possible.

There are 35 Senate seats in South Dakota; these positions are expensive and highly sought after because of the decisions that are made in our capitol. In my six years in the legislature and with the approach I have I hope to reflect the goals and values you have communicated with me. If re-elected to the senate I will continue to represent your beliefs. 

You’ve helped me so much already please continue to help me reach my fundraising goal by making a contribution today of $1000, $500, $100 or even $50!

This campaign isn’t about personality; it’s not even about being a particular political party. It is about effectively and honestly serving the people nearest you, which I am proud to do as a Republican. Serving in the Capitol isn’t possible without your help. Because of you, I am thankful and also ready to countdown to Election Day…68 days left! 


Please visit my website at

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Sioux Falls, SD 57101