John Fitzgerald for Attorney General releases campaign video

Candidate for South Dakota Attorney General John Fitzgerald released a campaign video to Facebook today in support of his candidacy:

14 Replies to “John Fitzgerald for Attorney General releases campaign video”

  1. Anonymous

    So when he loses like he did in 2002 do you think he will boycott the States Attorneys Association for 10 years ago even though the annual meeting is/was held in his home county?

      1. Anonymous

        It appears to me to be true as you protest a lot about it, but don’t deny it.

        Did he or did he not boycott the States Attorneys Association for years after losing the AGs race?

        It is clear to me, the problem is the truth is you know he did.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, he boycotted for a long stretch, the other commenter is correct. Ask the states attorneys that have been around a while…gruff is an understatement.

      I just can’t see working with him.

      1. Anonymous

        That’s why he just got re-elected as States Attorney and Vice President Of the States Attorney’s Association. If I were a victim of a crime that’s the man I would want fighting for me. Ask the families of the victims. They admire his dedication to the law. He doesn’t spend his time telling everyone how great he is, he just works his ass off in Deadwood. Any attorney in the state will tell you he is one of the best prosecutors in SD history. Anyone that says less is envious of his work. So go ahead with your cheap comments but this man is real. He does work for others not to boost himself, real public servants don’t do that. They dedicate themselves to making sure Justice is served. He’s sent tons down the road to Sioux Falls, and the death penalty. What have you done???