John Thune on Neil Cavuto — No bailout for state pensions

John Thune was on Neil Cavuto this afternoon….

Here’s the interview and transcript

8 Replies to “John Thune on Neil Cavuto — No bailout for state pensions”

    1. insomniac

      I’ve noticed that very few non political folks take Thune seriously for President in SD. If he runs and doesn’t win the nomination it will hurt his brand and invincible image in SD so I say he doesn’t run.

  1. springer

    Way to tell it, Sen. Thune! The money train has come to a halt, or it had better before the feds and states go off the rails. Problem is that most won’t face that fact; they still think there is money in the gov’ts “stash.”

  2. 73*

    I’m liking Thune’s new attitude. He is sounding way more conservative and specific than Noem. I don’t know if that is because he has 6 years of clear sailing ahead or if it’s because he’s rediscovered what being a conservative means.

    Maybe he is running for President – but I think he is using the free media for something else.

  3. anon

    Once I saw John Kyl the #2 GOP in Senate was retiring I decided that Thune wasn’t running for President and is going to move up the Senate ranks instead,

  4. MOSES

    He couldnt win this time, Whowants some one who can only bring three votes to the party.Stay being a senator and quit running around like Daschle did.

  5. insomniac

    If he doesn’t run for Pres the real loser is Rounds and Noem who were hoping to get a nice appointment to his seat.

    Looks like they’ll be running against in each other when Tim Johnson retires in 2014.


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