Johnson: No Prosecutions in Food for Votes

We all knew this was coming, but I just wanted to throw the info out there for you.

US Attorney Brendan Johnson’s office has decided it will not seek any federal prosecutions in the Food for Votes scandal in SD.
This follows with what Jackley announced on Nov 11th.

Johnson said:

?It does not appear [the food or coupons] were offered in exchange for the voting act? since ?[i]t appears as though an individual could have obtained [them] and ultimately decided not to vote.?

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  1. Bill Fleming

    Come on you guys, take a graphic design class, will ya?

    Your “all caps” headlines are so dry, they practically flake off the page. There’s no excuse for them. None.

    And the point size of your main text is smaller than the stuff on your sidebars. Right now your site is basically an ad for the other SD Blogs.

    The reverse type of the text you want to “feature” has the exact opposite effect. White letters against a dark background are at least 5 times harder to read than dark text on a light background. It’s almost as though you’re not interested in having anyone read your page.

    Put it this way, if any of you worked for me, you’d be fired by now.

    [Edit – Bill, all I can say is that the guys (like me) writing the posts have nothing to do with the page styling. I will pass along the complaints, though.]

  2. Duh

    Speaking of fired. Mini TJ should be for this fiasco. The Rez operatives violated election laws, plain and simple. Mini TJ has no credibility on this. If he prosecuted and even lost, I’d have immense respect for him and it would put future dems on notice that filling aunt edna’s belly with chili then thrusting her on the bus to vote for you is impermissible.

  3. Duh

    For the third time EVER, I agree with Bill. Need more colors and contrast, different resounding font. It’s hard to even see what you’re highlighting, i.e. search tags on quotes, etc.

  4. Ghost Repeater

    We all knew this was coming because the complaints were groundless and without merit to begin with? Agreed. You didn’t have to vote to get food. Thus, it was not a food for votes deal.


  5. Duh

    Wrong Casper. To paraphrase SHS’s announcement “SHS and Gov candidate Scott H. will be at the (insert Rez ALL THREE) where the attendees WILL be served chili. (Continuous bla, blaing… ) After the meal, the attendees WILL board the bus to be transferred to the old IHS hospital for voting.”

    That’s a violation and Mini TJ is either inept or dishonest in not pursuing this.

    The only defense pinheads have in this is the passage of time and the muddiness of memories. I’m part elephant so I’m exempt.

  6. Ghost Repeater


    Your paraphrase has zero value as information. No one had to vote in order to receive a meal. Thus, both Johnson and Jackley refused to prosecute.

  7. Bill Fleming

    Duh, it’s over. Your gal won. Let it go. And be careful what words you use in your next press release. Some moron might read it, get the meaning of it all screwed up in his mind, and then freak out and froth at the mouth for a couple of months. Beat his head against the keyboard and stuff. Deep breaths, man. Deep breaths.

  8. caheidelberger

    Who do y’all mean by “we all”? Dakota War College sure didn’t talk as if you “knew this was coming” back in October when you wanted to make political hay:

    ?As the facts surrounding Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin?s ?food-for-votes? scheme come to light, it is clear to us that laws have been broken. We believe a full investigation is necessary and warranted, and if violations are found then charges should be filed,? said Chairman Bob Gray [PP, DWC, 2010.10.15].

    More gross hypocrisy. “Food for Votes” was all hype and no case.

    [Per Bill’s comment: By all means, keep the SD Blogosphere feed font bigger than the main content. We all appreciate your service. 🙂 ] [It is being looked into at the very moment – MH]

    [And nuts! Bad HTML on my part. Please delete version 1.0 of comment.] [done – MH]

  9. Duh

    Bill. I don’t care who won (well I do, but that’s beside the point). It’s the integrity of the process that was breached. By the way using “WILL” in SHS’s announcements is pretty much a command and the subsequent actions of the eatees (new word) is implied. Even if it wasn’t, it’s still a violation.

    Will (n) something desired; esp : a choice or determination of one having authority or power.

    Now, I guess we’re back to Slick Willy’s statement of “It depends what ‘is’ is…” UGH.

  10. Ghost Repeater

    Duh, there were no such announcements using “will” as you suggest. Your paraphrase has zero value as information. No one had to vote in order to receive a meal. Thus, both Johnson and Jackley refused to prosecute.

  11. Duh

    Then you haven’t been paying attention. The actual flyer was posted on this blog AND quoted ad nauseum. Go look them up. If there wasn’t a flyer (anticipating your comeback) then how did the Rez residents know about it?? Go back and read. This is like debating the existence of the sun.

  12. Bill Fleming

    “Will” as in “last will and testament” as in, “let it rest in peace”, Duh, before you hurt yourself, ol’ buddy.

  13. Ghost Repeater


    I’m sure there were flyers, mailers, posters, the works. There were feeds and people voted. But, no one was required to vote in order to eat.

    Had there been such a flyer as you describe certainly Attorney General Jackley and US Attorney Johnson would have prosecuted as what you describe would be illegal.

  14. Bill Fleming

    Cory, you old dog. Nice SDWC archive quote reference. Too bad we can’t go there and check it out, huh?

    Oh wait, we ARE there. This here is that there.

    Hey, “it’s deja vu all over again.” ? Yogi Berra

  15. Arrowhead

    If this would have happened in Brookings, Vermillion, Aberdeen, SF or any other area in SD considered more Democrat it would have been considered an ordinary get out the vote rally.

    Since it was on a reservation it was considered controversial.

  16. Arrowhead

    I liked the old War College design better. I thought it was vintage.

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The “New” writers are starting to grow on me. Good stuff guys. I would like for it to be more gossipy like PP had it though.

  17. Anonymous

    Is there an email address (or a way to contact the writers) we can send stuff into if we feel there is juicy story?

  18. William

    In the end, it didn’t help SHS’s efforts, rather it made her look desperate and willing to “skirt the law”. I’m sure it cost her far more votes than it gained.

  19. Lloyd

    This was not prosecuted because you’d have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they intended to influence votes. Of course they’ll say “no, we just wanted to be nice to these folks, and then btw offer them a ride to the polling place so they could vote their conscience in a secret ballot.” No way to overcome that. Any good prosecutor knows not to bring a charge s/he knows can’t possibly be proved to a jury, to the required standard of proof. Similarly, the Wasta Pie Scandal might have been marginally legal, but not criminally illegal. I suggest we let this go without further ado.

  20. Ghost Repeater


    Had the flyers Duh suggests existed actually existed, prosecutors would have had all the proof they needed that food was offered for votes.

    There was no offer of food for votes and no skirting of the law.

    This was simply a sad, desperate attack that came to nothing.

    I suggest we let this go without further ado.

  21. Duh

    The flyers did exist. Your U.S. Attorney turned a blind eye. Can’t wait for the next election on the Rez’es. I’ll bet the food will improve.

  22. Ghost Repeater


    You don’t live in SD? Because, if you do Johnson is your US Attorney and Jackley is your AG.

    So, you’re accusing Marty Jackley and Brendan Johnson of malfeasance for ignoring prima facie evidence of offers food for votes by SHS? Yikes.

    Of course your accusation against Jackley and Johnson is silly as the flyers, in the self-incriminating way you claim they were written, are merely figments of your fevered imagination.

    Can’t wait for your next comment. Bet your logic will not improve.

  23. Bill Fleming

    First, I WILL type this comment. Then Duh and William WILL read it. And after that, they WILL do anything I tell them to.

    Keep arguing your point, boys. It gets weaker every time you take us through it.

  24. Ghost Repeater

    Oh William, that doesn’t prove anything. That’s just handicapping. The email speculated that attendees would board the bus. I’ll bet some did. I’ll also bet some didn’t. There’s no requirement there that attendees who eat must vote.

    And, look at the other two emails that said rally attendees would be encouraged to use transportation and vote – no obligation. No food for votes.

  25. Duh

    Casper and Billy: Ok, I’ll bite. I’m bored. Just because they are governmental officials exempts them from criticism?? Jackley had jurisdictional issues. T Mini Me Johnson has integrity issues. It is what it is. Mini Me is unfortunately in control of the U.S. Attorney’s office. I’m not surprised of his decision given the teachings from his father and party. Read William’s post above. Thanks William.

    If you don’t know how to scroll, here it is again:

    ?Rep. Herseth Sandlin, Lieutenant Governor Candidate Ben Arndt, constitutional and local legislative candidates WILL host a feed and early vote rally. Following the rally, rally attendees WILL cast their votes at the old IHS hospital.?

    That is plain as day. The attempt is a violation, not whether the voter actually voted for them. Again, I know Kristi won. It’s the integrity of the process which could ironically protect your party as well if the GOP ever stoops low enough to start pimping food into poor, uneducated and gullible voters.

    All I know is if the above was conduct of a GOP’er you’d be all over it like a freshman frat boy at his first kegger.

  26. Bill Fleming

    Duh, my theory is that neither Jackley nor Johnson wants to have anything to do with putting a chilling effect on the democratic process nor do they, in any way, wish to appear to be practicing voter intimidation or discrimination. Smart of them. Very smart.

  27. Ghost Repeater


    These emails to the media (as distinct from flyers directed at voters you imagined above) prove nothing. But, if they did, Jackley would be just as guilty as Johnson for failing to pursue this.

    The only thing that stinks here is your fervid desire to smear the loser in this campaign. Says more about you than it does about SHS.

  28. Duh

    Casper: You dribbled: “These emails to the media (as distinct from flyers directed at voters you imagined above) prove nothing.”

    The e-mails quoted the flyers and had copies of the flyers. There’s no dispute on that including your inability to rise above the cesspool that is your party and recognize truth when it built a condo on the end of your nose.

    I’m not smearing anyone, SHS did that on her own along with stiffing people on lease/rental payments.

    Billy: Sounds inviting. Once SD legalizes gay marriage and all those kewl benefits that come with it, we’ll revisit.

  29. Ghost Repeater


    What’s my party?

    Truth? If this “truth” you claim was so obvious why did not Marty Jackley and Brendan Johnson prosecute?

    The headline of this post is a smear and your inane comments are a smear. There was no food for votes offer. Your claim is a fiction.

  30. Les

    Ghost, not that I give a rip about this mess, just to play advocate here.

    Let’s say Duh takes your daughter out for supper and says: “we are gonna have all the food you can eat and all the alcohol you can drink and then we are getting on the “magic bus” for some great sex”.

    Duh could be getting on to have sex with someone else …….???? or watch some great sex….or he could be intending to spoil your daughters dignity.

    I’d be looking to protect my daughter if it was me.

  31. Duh

    “magic bus”. Funny. This could all be moot statewide with the introduction of Gant’s voter legislation. Frankly, the law is clear. Problem is, Gant can change the state law, but how does it give SD jurisdiction to keep the pimps out?

  32. Les

    Of course Ghost, while you remain at the head of the class, could you tell me if what Duh was attempting with your daughter was illegal? Immoral? What if he scored her vote of confidence? Obviously you would be as unhappy with that as you appear to be thinking about it.

    Food for the hungry followed by a bus ride to vote, how much difference is that GR?

  33. Bill Fleming

    Les, a smart girl would eat the chow, throw back a few drinks, hand him a porno video and a kleenex, say “make it a great one,” call a cab, and go home.

    It’s the law of reciprocals. If Duh’s intention is to screw somebody by bribing them, he should get screwed in return. Instant karma.

  34. Bill Fleming

    By the way, Les, referencing somebody’s daughter like you did with GR is decidedly uncool. I think you should apologize to him. I’m sure you wouldn’t have referenced any women in my family like that. Just because GR doesn’t use his name here, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings, man. Bad form.

    1. Les

      I’m sure GR has feelings Flem. I wish GR only the best in who his daughter brings home but can guarantee many of our daughters will bring a man home who will not fit dads approval.

      I inferred nothing about GR’s daughter other than an attempt by someone to influence her and if GR has any need for remorse on my part I am sincerely sorry for my statement!

      Im not sure what I would have said had the comment been for you Flem, different strokes for different folks, prob sumpin like:
      I am not one who thinks this whole issue has legal merit Bill, but from a personal moral issue I believe those who say “feeding a native and busing them to vote is not influencing them”, I say you have never been hungry and don’t have a clue at the value handed out.


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