Johnson standing firm for Health Care

From the NY Times:

The Senate on Monday failed to repeal an unpopular element of the health care overhaul even though Democrats and Republicans agreed it needed to be jettisoned to prevent businesses from being saddled with undue tax paperwork.

Tim Johnson voted against repealing the tax accountant’s golden parachute provision of the health care fiasco……I’m guessing the pro-business groups (yes — those groups that provide jobs to a majority of us) will be putting coal on their gift list for Sen. Johnson.

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  1. springer

    So what else is new? Johnson could just stay home in bed and phone in any vote as ordered by Reid for all the good he does for the nation.

  2. Duh

    Did T “Where’s Waldo” J actually show up for the vote or did one of his henchmen do it? What a joke he is. I’ll bet he hasn’t spoken to 10 spontaneous (i.e. not scripted or invited to meet) SD voters in the last year.

  3. Ricki

    Well, the mere fact that this tax information requirement was included in the Health Care Bill/Monstrosity is just one of the reasons that I’m fed up with DC. Why TJ votes against the best interest of a lot of his constituents is why I’m fed up with him.

  4. insomniac

    Too bad TJ has degenerated into a disgraceful puppet for his staff and the Democratic leadership. His family is manipulating him and ruining his once good name and he doesn’t even aware of it.

    This is how the Dems take advantage of the mentally handicapped.

    Probably the one thing that upsets me most about Thune is that he complains all the time about Obama and the Dems agenda but when he really could make a difference he wasn’t anywhere to be found in the 2008 Senate election when we reelected Johnson.

  5. Lee Schoenbeck

    This is sad. NO reasonable person believes that the 1099 requirement should be implemented. The cost to taxpayers and the government of this new annual paper blizzard almost defies belief. Sen Johnson’s unwillingness to correct an obvious mistake is an obvious example, of a sente seat being a terrible thing to waste.

  6. j rae

    Anyone know why the 1099 requirement was inserted? Who was the author of this provision? Is there that much tax fraud happening that this became necessary?

    Just seems funny that there is resistance on both sides of the aisle to strip this out of the reform act.

  7. j rae

    Not just resistance, flat out rejection of the Baucus bill to remove the 1099 requirement was only supported by 2 Republicans. Go figure.

  8. Arrowhead

    All of the trust and loyalty to fellow South Dakotan’s Tim Johnson earned with hard work to SD – poof- gone in the span of two years. Because he has been taken advantage of by the leaders of his party.


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