Join Dusty Johnson on his “Energy to Burn” tour!

From my e-mail box!

Yesterday, Dusty told you he has Energy to Burn. This week, he’s going to prove it. Starting Thursday (Nov. 1), Dusty will visit 29 South Dakota communities, making one more stop before Election Day!

Click here for the full list and see below for a map of the stops:

Please join him at one (or more) of the events in your area!

We can’t wait to see you out on the trail as we bring this race home for Dusty.


Will Mortenson
Campaign Manager

And if you’re looking for the list of stops…

Go Dusty go!

11 Replies to “Join Dusty Johnson on his “Energy to Burn” tour!”

  1. Anonymous

    The Reservations need more attention than any other area in this state and yet he avoids them.
    Why doesnt he use all his “energy” to fix this mess that’s getting worse?
    A really glaring omission when you see the trail printed out!

    1. Anonymous

      Du$y DC special interests are chomping at the bit for him to be elected. Where is his friend Maria Bultina staying at?

    2. Native GOP

      You obviously don’t know all of SD’s tribes and locations then. I see communities of at least two tribes he’ll hit on this tour. This is on top of his meetings and trips to visit tribes throughout the last year. He hasn’t shy’d away from tribal relations. Pay attention.

      1. Anonymous

        Ya ok! Why don’t you take a stroll through Sisseton or Flandreau after dark and compare your experience with Pine Ridge and Eagle Butte.
        If you want to say your campaign is giving enough attention to the reservations then I’m going to strongly disagree with you on that one!

  2. Repub

    Trolls really out in full force today. Dusty is a hard worker and has run a great campaign. Glad to see he’s finishing it with a bang.


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