Join the SDGOP at the Freedom Rally with David Horowitz!

Join the SDGOP at the Freedom Rally with David Horowitz! 
Saturday, April 29th at the Ramkota Ampitheatre

Speakers include Dr. Allen Unruh, State Senator Neal Tapio and State Representative Greg Jamison. Click on the link to purchase tickets and reserve your seat today!

15 Replies to “Join the SDGOP at the Freedom Rally with David Horowitz!”

  1. Anonymous

    Is this the same David Horowitz that used to be a Black Panther and marxist? Who signs these kooks up for GOP speaking engagements? Eeesh.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Yes, I believe he was indoctrinated by his parents into marxism, which he later rejected, but he was never a black panther. From Wikipedia:

      During the early 1970s, Horowitz developed a close friendship with Huey P. Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party. Horowitz later portrayed Newton as equal parts gangster, terrorist, intellectual, and media celebrity. As part of their work together, Horowitz helped raise money for, and assisted the Panthers with, the running of a school for poor children in Oakland. He recommended that Newton hire Betty Van Patter as bookkeeper; she was then working for Ramparts. In December 1974, Van Patter’s body was found floating in San Francisco Harbor; she had been murdered. Horowitz has said he believes the Panthers were behind the killing.

      In 1976, Horowitz was a “founding sponsor” of James Weinstein’s magazine In These Times.

      Following this period, Horowitz rejected Marx and socialism, but kept quiet about his changing politics for nearly a decade. In early 1985, Horowitz and longtime collaborator Peter Collier, who also became a political conservative, wrote an article for The Washington Post Magazine entitled “Lefties for Reagan”, later retitled as “Goodbye to All That”. The article explained their change of views and recent decision to vote for a second term for Republican President Ronald Reagan. In 1986, Horowitz published “Why I Am No Longer a Leftist” in The Village Voice.

      Read it all here:

    2. Anonymous

      The guy had a change of worldview, and he now is thinking clearly. Who better to talk about the evils of the socialist/Marxist side of things than one who has been there and saw the light? If you want to talk about kooks, let’s all focus on Keith Ellison, the SDDP guest-ranter.

      1. Jaa Dee

        “If you want to talk about kooks, let’s all focus on Keith Ellison, “?— Tell us about him….. Pat gave the info about the past of Horowitz, if were a “libbie” conservatives would be condemning him for his past.

        1. Anonymous

          Didn’t you pay attention when the dems were appointing the next head socialist of the DNC? There was more than enough brought up about Ellison during that whole deal. The dems are reaching new lows when Tom Perez is the BETTER choice. Heck, the guy even looks like Lenin.

  2. Anonymous

    Great job Dan Lederman! I love it, Democrats bring in their one speaker of the year and Dan brings in someone at the same time, nice job!

  3. Anon

    Isn’t but the Pennington LDD that night? I thought the Chairman was supposed to attend all the LDDs?

    1. Anonymous

      He has already attended more than Pam has in 2 years; plus he is leading a counter protest event to the date the Democrats picked…seems reasonable to me

      GOP actually has the passion to hold 2 events in the same night let alone 1 in the same year like the Democrats

  4. Emoluments Clause

    Someone should tell Senators Thune and Rounds, and Representative Noem too, that Sioux Falls has great facilities like the Ramkota Ampitheatre to hold town hall meetings at…… Apparently, Chairman Lederman is a good contact for that (But are they on speaking terms, yet?)……