Jon 2012 Girls


What do you think of this ad featuring Jon Huntsman’s daughters?

 Earlier this week Herman Cain said Americans need a sense of humor, and on Friday, a few people took his words to heart: Jon Huntsman’s daughters.

Responding to Cain’s controversial web ad ?where his chief-of-staff, Mark Block, took the most talked-about cigarette drag all week? Huntsman’s three girls released their own spoof this week, this time blowing bubbles, not smoke.

…In the video, the girls mimic Block’s look by wearing fake mustaches and big glasses while they talk in the same monotonous, serious tone that Bock used in the original ad.

18 Replies to “Jon 2012 Girls”

  1. Spencer

    The only reason the MSM is talking Huntsman up is that they know that Obama is toast if the 65%+ of the independents that do not approve of him vote for the GOP. They are holding out hope that Huntsman will run as an Independent after the primaries.

    As with Cain his whole campaign is bizarre and not very serious about anything. He is still doing the bulk of his campaigning in states that do not have their primaries until March or April, and the ad that this is a spoof of is just one of many ads from the Cain camp that are just plain weird:

    1. Anonymous

      What’s wrong with Cain is exactly what dooms the Tea Party. They have so much potential and are a powerful force but when the momentum fades they don’t have the organizational structure to succeed.

      So many great conservative people who run for office at all levels struggle with understanding how to channel supporters passion to productive causes and often they don’t understand how to channel their own energy beyond pure enthusiasm and ideas.

      I don’t have a problem with Cain being unorthodox but I do have a problem with him not being in Iowa. He has to win Iowa or he is toast.

  2. Anonymous

    Do the rich and powerful really want to win all 3 parts of GOV? With all bashing they have done they would now have to produce results or loose worse down the road as a party of complain with not production. Some would call that thinking a union. That is interesting.

    1. Anonymous

      The rich and powerful already had all 3 parts of government and you are right they have not produced. Except people like George Soros have gotten their Billion dollar loans loarns at taxpayer expense. Petroleo Brasileiro, of which Soros owns more than 22%, got a $2 Billion loan from Obama to drill of the coast of South America . . . . in deep ocean waters, about twice as deep as in the Gulf of Mexico.

      1. Anonymous

        Do you not feel that is what happens when your friend is in power be it a D or R. Theft of taxpayer $$$$ is that standard when in power. Why do you think defense spending is so hi. I call it a reallocation of tax$$$ nothing more or less.

  3. BF

    It’s great. What’s missing is Huntsman at the end taking about 8 seconds to crack a smile. Bravo ladies. Love the ‘staches.

  4. Anonymous

    Huntsman should abandon the radicalized GOP and run as an independent. Pick a Democratic VP candidate, and win with the independents, Republicans and Democrats who are fed up with the two parties. Now may be the time to make that work.

    1. Spencer

      Yeah, Huntsman would have no chance. He would just be a spoiler for the GOP giving Obama another four years. I doubt he would be able to get ballot access in all states: 800,000 signatures and counting…not to mention the paid staff and organization…and the lawyers to keep parties from booting him off state ballots. All of that along with a huge advertising budget would be necessary just to have a chance. Also, how exactly does someone get to 270? There are already 300+ electoral votes locked up in fortress blue and red states. An independent would have to win 20%+ nationally just to carry a single state (Ross Perot, anyone?) and at least be getting 60% nationally to win 270+ outright. And, if no one gets to 270, I am guessing that Washington isn’t going to hand the presidency to an independent…sorry.

  5. grudznick

    As a big Herman Cain supporter, I must tip my hat to those young women. Here is hoping that young Mr. Howie uses a similar advertising approach during his 2014 gubernatorial race.