Jordan Youngberg creates new political presence on Facebook

Hmmm…. State Senator Jordan Youngberg seems like he’s up to something.

Why do I say this? Well, he’s created a new political presence on Facebook separate from his Jordan Youngberg for Senate Facebook page.  His new Jordan Youngberg for South Dakota page seems to have a more statewide flavor..

As far as I’ve been told, Senator Youngberg is all in for running for State Senate in 2020.

But what lies beyond that?  I guess we’ll see..

13 Replies to “Jordan Youngberg creates new political presence on Facebook”

    1. Anonymous

      If Brunner is term limited then he should run for PUC. those guys need term limits in PUC. They need new blood.

  1. Anonymous

    Youngberg is looking at PUC. I’ve heard he was also looking at Public Lands but PUC is a good fit and it’s time to shake it up over there after H & I.

  2. Anonymous

    Right now I feel like the PUC has become a lifetime job. The positions should have term limits.

    Youngberg would run a smart, aggressive campaign if he were to enter the fray. He would win the nomination.

  3. Eastside Voter

    I’m hoping it’s school & public lands in 22. He’d be a good choice. Meanwhile, raise money & defend that senate seat.