9 thoughts on “Jordan Youngberg hitting the trail, campaigning for School & Public Lands”

  1. Mr. Youngberg is a fine young fellow, but when Mr. Brock hits the trail the trail will know what is what, let me tell you. Mr. Brock is probably going to dominate this discussion.

  2. Youngberg has my vote. Won’t vote for Brock since he removed the articles of impeachment. He is only hurting the Republican Party. Had an influential Republican say he fears a blue wave in 2022 due to the AG not resigning and the house not being about law and order and moving forward with impeachment. I hope he’s wrong.

    1. This post is incorrect. The impeachment article is in the House. Brock Greenfield is a SD Senator.

    2. Your post is ridiculous. Brock is in the Senate and has nothing to do with impeachment. You clearly must not believe in due process. The House would have had to start their own expensive and time consuming investigation because of the judge’s order barring them from using any of the documents from the investigation.

      You are not doing Youngberg any favors with putting out such BS.

  3. Picture of the car from the outside, not while behind the wheel cruising down the road. Lessons learned.

  4. I think the picture of primarily the car, is dumb. Should be pictures of landscapes and schools. not a late model chevy. Focus on what you’re running for, not what you’re driving.

    1. Total amateur hour.

      Who else is running? We need someone good to follow Brunner.

      This official sits on the investment council. We might want someone who knows what they are doing.

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