Josh Haeder campaign notes endorsement of former Nat’l Committeeman

From my email box:

I’m supporting Josh Haeder for State Treasurer!

I am proud to support my friend, Josh Haeder, to be the next Treasurer of South Dakota and I encourage you to join me.

I first met Josh in 2004 when he was running the victory office for the South Dakota GOP in Beadle County. There are three key reasons for why I choose to support Josh:

1. He Is A Genuine Leader

I have known Josh for over 15 years. I have seen him grow from a hardworking young man into a strong and supportive husband to Amanda and father to his children, Maggie Mae and Laikyn Rae. He puts God, family, country first and foremost.

It is without doubt that Josh is a man of integrity. 

2. He Has The Experience

You all know how important good financial decisions are to me. I also know that they are equally important to Josh. He maintains a wide-ranging and diverse involvement with the banking and lending industry, having served as a personal banker and an agriculture and business-lending manager. Following his time as a banker, Haeder served as the Chief Operating Officer and certified credit counselor for a nationally recognized credit counseling agency. Over the past four years, he has gained experience working for US Senator Rounds who serves on the influential Banking Committee, further expanding his interaction with the financial industry, community bankers, and industry lenders.

3. He Will Win!

Josh’s experience is extensive and his understanding of the citizens of South Dakota runs deep. He has worked in the Victory office to help elect John Thune in 2004, he has worked on two statewide US Senate campaigns, including US Senator Mike Rounds’ campaign, he has served as Beadle County’s Republican Chairman. Chances are, if you have run for office in South Dakota, you know Josh Haeder and understand the time and effort he endlessly puts forth. Josh has the energy, commitment, and work ethic to win in the Fall.

It is an honor to support our friend. We encourage you to do the same, so he can get it done in November!


Josh will help KEEP SOUTH DAKOTA GREAT IN 2018!


Dana Randall

Former National Committeeman, South Dakota Republican Party

11 Replies to “Josh Haeder campaign notes endorsement of former Nat’l Committeeman”

  1. Char

    Josh has the best guy behind him. Dana did a great job, keeping it short and readable. I hate the front and back and multiple pages political mailer. I ain’t got time for that🤭😆.

  2. Dave R

    As a side note., I like seeing these endorsements. Its healthy for the process and I’d like to see more of it.

    Josh Haeder has my vote.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Ditto on all of the above and Dana’s acute observations of the merit of Josh. Josh just don’t let Dana pound any posts. Let his neighbor do the dangerous work. 😂

  4. Anonymous

    This is why we have term limits. We need new candidates that have a hunger and desire to serve the public.

    New blood is needed in the offices.

    1. Troy Jones

      I wonder how come business and non-profits don’t have term limits? I wonder how they keep their employees hungry? This is probably another regulation we need to inflict on business for their own good. Think about it. Business spends a lot of money to reduce turnover. If we mandate forced turnover, businesses will save a lot of money so they can afford to pay more taxes to reduce the deficit or have more government.

      If business can’t figure out “best practices”, we should pass a law mandating it. It just has too may good points.

      Now I know this law will conflict with age discrimination laws but we can be a sanctuary state regarding forced turnover.

      Plus, we reduce choices for the voter. The voters are too dumb to judge whether an experienced person is doing a good job but their really good at choosing between two people without experience.

      It’s all good. Forced Turnover and reduced voter choice is good.


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