Josh Haeder for State Treasurer having fundraising blitz this week

Republican candidate for State Treasurer John Haeder is on Facebook today with a challenge to raise $500 this week to fund his campaign activities in seeing the GOP Nomination for his office. From Facebook:

Josh Haeder for State Treasurer

We are working hard to spread our message across South Dakota. The message is simple, we must protect your tax dollars from cyber threats, work to return even more unclaimed property and create a financial education program that can help our people get started down the right financial path.

This isn’t about politics for us, it’s truly about making a difference and working everyday on behalf of all of you every day. Setting realistic expectations and accomplishing the goals we’ve set out to achieve. Our work ethic and passion for this office will help win this race.

Your support means everything to our campaign and we are asking for your help. We’ve set a goal of raising $500 online by Friday to help put gas in the tank as we travel the state. Can you pitch in $10, $20 or $50 today? Your support is greatly appreciated, visit today to get on board and help us continue to spread our proactive message.

5 Replies to “Josh Haeder for State Treasurer having fundraising blitz this week”

  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t he running unopposed? I have not heard any stories of anyone even looking at running against him.

    Josh is a strong candidate!

  2. Rodney F.

    A few small errors in the typing of the message, but a strong message! I am donating now, I think he is unopposed but at least he is working it, which is work $50 of my money. He and Ravnsborg seem to be out working it harder than anyone else. Too many times I feel like candidates for constitutional offices don’t get out and work it with voters, these offices are important. Nice to see both these gentleman doing that.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree Rodney! I am not voting for a candidate that has this “it’s my turn” attitude. Sadly, we have a few of those running in our party this time around.

      Both the candidates you mentioned have my support also. We also need more fresh blood in the party, both have energy, work hard and have been successful in life.


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