Julie Frye-Mueller shifts to Senate. D30 prophecy seems to be happening.

This was just filed as goes along with the rumor I heard last week about District 30:

Part 1 just happened… now watch for part 2, which was Florence Thompson filing for the House.

I anticipate this will generate primary elections for both seats. Why? If you have to ask, probably because JFM is self-interested and awful, as is Florence Thompson in her own right.

The primary ride is going to get wilder…

7 Replies to “Julie Frye-Mueller shifts to Senate. D30 prophecy seems to be happening.”

  1. Anonymous

    I expected better from Russell. I like him and appreciate his views but this a poor recruitment choice.

    1. Anonymous

      Holding off announcing intentions of election is a very poor decision. It cuts out many other people who might be strong in a primary and run if they had legitimate notice.

  2. Anonymous

    Julie Frye Mueller and her ilk love to call foul when they think someone isn’t being upfront or following the rules. As usually though she has no problem deceiving people and abusing the rules to serve her own interests.

  3. Wow

    It is awful and many people are upset over the last minute maneuvers. JFM’s twin is also running in 34. Next session could be a very uncivil one.