Just a note – send me those postcards!

As you’re receiving campaign postcards in the mail, snap a photo, and send me a copy, especially the attack ones. I’d love to see them and share.

E-mail to me here.

3 Replies to “Just a note – send me those postcards!”

  1. Larry

    PP, Do you think it is interesting that several legislative candidates are using nearly identical, fill in the blanks candidate intro and fundraising letters. They are identical except for specific personal data. I find it unusual that an intro letter appears to have been drafted by someone and the candidates just filled it in. Seems like a low dollar and rather lazy way to campaign.

  2. Larry

    Russell, Mullaly,Jensen. I know of three and will get them to you if I can scan them. Scanner is unpredictable. Maybe a photo. BTW, noticed my email address was wrong, I corrected it.


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