Justin Rollins named Political Director

A big announcement from the SD GOP today on the future direction of the state party.

Justin Rollins Named Political Director


Today the South Dakota Republican Party announced that Justin Rollins will be joining the SDGOP as Political Director.

“We are extremely excited to have Justin on the team,” said Chairman Tim Rave. “He has an exemplary track record and has demonstrated his willingness to do what it takes to win in 2012.”

Rollins grew up in Black Hawk and attended Sturgis Brown High School. Upon graduation, he competed as a member of the football and track teams at Black Hills State University in Spearfish. After his freshman year, Justin transferred to the University of South Dakota where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a minor in Contemporary Media and Journalism.

After completing his degree, Rollins accepted a position working with inner-city youth in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the summer of 2010, Justin returned to South Dakota as campaign manager for Jason Gant for Secretary of State. Since the election, he has served as State Election Coordinator in the Secretary of State’s office, serving as the office’s point-of-contact for campaign finance issues, as well as school and municipalities election law.


Justin Rollins will be a great asset to the SD GOP. He was a workhorse during the 2010 election for Secretary of State Jason Gant’s campaign. One thing I like about this hire is that Rollins campaigned across the state last election and had the opportunity to meet with activists and county party officers and develop relationships in every corner of the state. Rollins has a great personality and will bring a strong work ethic to the position. Congratulations Justin!

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  1. Ronald

    Very strong choice. The party needs a work horse and they have found one. Justin brings the grassroots connections that keep our party going.

  2. CharlieCoyote

    The first time I ever met Justin Rollins he was literally, I mean that in the fullest sense of the word, falling out the door of the Main Street Pub in, wearing a backpack he ?borrowed? from a transient, the day after the Strollers show in Vermillion?excellent choice SDGOP?..not. I know I am not the only one in Vermillion who would say that his character left a bit to be desired, can’t wait to see him representing the SDGOP, it’s a terrifying thought.

    1. /- /|/ [] /|/

      I’m having a difficult time understanding your post because your punctuation, particularly your comma usage, is terrible. Clearly the public school system of South Dakota has failed you. Did you also attend USD? …What an embarrassment to our university system. I hope next time you post you’ll have something substantial to say while posting it in a way that people can actually understand. Idiot.

      1. BF

        Oh, I don’t know.

        I understood the Coyote’s post without much problem.

        As for YOUR punctuation use, I’d think en dashes instead of commas would perhaps set off your tangental qualifier with more clarity. And I question your use of the ellipsis outright. What exactly was it that you left out? …and in what way is it formally kosher to follow it with a capital?

        On the other hand, I do enjoy the distinctive, seemingly rebelllious, postmodern rendering of your moniker.

        Very resourceful.

  3. Rattler

    Rollins is a good guy, give him a chance. He is hard working, honest and a genuine guy.
    If you held things against guys for what they did in college, 90% of congress would be Unelectable…..oh wait at this point in time would that be a bad thing?
    But in all seriousness, best of luck Rollins

    1. Anonymous

      Anyone who knows what happened in the Gant campaign knows Rollins did much more than drive him around. Rollins was involved in all aspects of the Gant campaign. It was a great learning experience for Rollins and he made the most of it. Good for Rollins!!

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    Troy, what’s the statute of limitations on those college night threefers at Charlie’s? Once the bar is tore down, for sure you must get political imunity? I would be disappointed to hear that Rollins missed some significant part of the DDays experience 🙂

    1. Troy Jones

      No evidence of anything exists, all who claim to be witnesses were impaired as well so it never occurred.

      The only recollections by sober people of me in college were seeing me in the library, class, or church.

  5. anonymous

    Took in some d-day revelry myself back in the day, but I don’t recall ever lifting a homeless guy’s backpack. Wasn’t part of my ddays experience. Bet everyone thought that was hilarious. Can just hear em now: “Rollins was so tanked he took a homeless guy’s backpack and was wearing it around. Now the homeless guys doesn’t have his only and few items. What a great gag.”

    1. I wonder what BJ Nesselhuf did in college???

      Do we really want to get into what someone did or didn’t do in college when the Dems chairman is BJ Nesselhuf??? I have heard some pretty bad rumors about BJ and am quite sure I could verify them if I spent a little time working on it.

      BJ Nesselfluf’s college life is a can of worms you do not want to give someone a reason to open.

  6. Joshua Haeder

    I remember meeting Justin in Huron, he had Jason working hard and will be an excellent additional to the GOP staff!


    Someone remembers what you did long ago. What do you do? Move to another state, country, or planet? Or LYAO; as I would remembering all the great times nearly, almost, coming soon to a table near you, nearly every college student of ill repute tunes into once he or she gets their poop in a group! 🙂

  8. J Rae

    So he worked for Gant’s campaign and then was able to make it through all of the applicants for a job with the Sec of State…good thing there was a process that can be documented, otherwise it would just look like a patronage job out of the guy we trust to make sure that politics is fair in South Dakota.

    1. Anon by any other name...

      Shame on SOS Gant. Instead of hiring someone who showed they are an honorable hard working person, like the fine Justin Rollins, he should have hired one of those lovely creatures camped out deficating & burning our national ensign.

      Or… how about one of those lovely Democratic election monitors in MN? Just what we need in SD, more people voting in the elections than what are actually alive in the state.

  9. Lee Schoenbeck

    The only homeless person I ever saw at DDays was Troy, when I was late picking him up that one year to get back to Augie.

    Justin — we all wish you the best.

    PS personally attacking BJ doesn’t add much to the debate, unless maybe if it is about his weak act raquetball game, but the doughboy has to live with that one.

  10. Anonymous

    It might be fun to talk about BJ’s college escapades – there are certainly a lot of them from the decade or so he spent there. Still, it may be somewhat of a meaningless endeavor. D’s are generally not expected to behave, as most do not accept concepts of morality.

  11. Lee Schoenbeck

    Joe Blow — apparently you don’t play raquetball. I have enjoyed playing it with BJ, as a friend and colleague when we served together. Raquetball players can talk trash to each other about their games — if you’re willign to get up and play at 6AM on a work day, and work up a sweat like that, you can say anything you want about each others game —– ok, pretend I was describing some couch potato video thing and you’ll track the point


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