Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to endorse Krebs for Congress

I just had this sent off to me by someone who received it:

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is apparently set to endorse South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs in her race for Congress against former PUC Commissioner Dusty Johnson, and South Dakota Trump Campaign person Neal Tapio who is set to announce in January or February.

This is a bit of a surprising move with Krebs having opposed providing information to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity headed up by Kobach back in June of this year.   Obviously, it hasn’t affected their relationship as fellow secretaries of state.

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    1. Anonymous

      Kobach has been a leading voice on immigration and stopping the refugee crisis in the United States. He is outspoken and rock solid on these issues that are very important to Americans like me who are fed up with sanctuary cities, refugees and an open border. I like that Krebs is taking a strong stance and not running away from a guy like Kobach who is a culture warrior.

      The left is out of control and establishment Republicans are weak.

  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Having great character and high integrity in the face of assumed negative public opinion by doing so is extremely rare in politicians today. SOS Krebs did just that and stands tall by doing so. Great endorsement.

  2. Nonymouse

    Sad, really. You look back to Joyce Hazeltine and you see great service and a great job done by a very capable woman who was not that overtly political. Truly, SOS Krebs did a great job turning around the mess in the Secretary’s office, and, like Hazeltine, Krebs provides good service and she is a capable woman, but Kris Kobach is such an unfortunate endorsement. Mr. Kobach is a fear mongering, spiteful, ethnophobe, and Ms. Krebs shares nothing in common with this waste of human flesh. Ms. Krebs should simply say….”thanks, but no thanks.”

  3. Anonymous

    This is an interesting article about him:

    Kris Kobach is only 50, but he’s the closest thing the fractured Republican Party has to an ideological godfather on the two most galvanizing issues in the conservative arsenal: immigration and voting rights.

    Much of what Donald Trump will say on those two topics at tonight’s third and final general election debate has been influenced, in one form or another, from Kobach’s law book-strewn second-floor office in the Kansas secretary of state’s imposing, Renaissance Revival-style headquarters in downtown Topeka.


  4. Oldguy

    Charlie why do you say this endorsement from an politician from another state is great? I am thinking you support Krebs so anything looks good but maybe you know something I don’t. I haven’t made up my mind but you can be sure out of state politicians won’t have any impact on what I decide.

  5. KM

    Great, congratulations, Krebs got an endorsement from an “expert” immigration advisor.

    I have some expert advice for the immigration advisor…
    Build. The. Wall.
    Strengthen border security and allow ICE to enforce our immigration laws.
    Stop importing people who want to destroy Western culture.

  6. Anonymous

    Kook alert. Fire up the Hubbelcraft.
    From Wiki: In October 2017, Kobach wrote a column on Breitbart News which said that immigrants commit a disproportionate share of crimes. According to the Kansas City Star, the claims made in the article have “been debunked by numerous studies over multiple years. In fact, studies have found immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the U.S.” To support his claims, Kobach cited an anti-immigrant column by Peter Gemma, who is associated with white supremacists and the American Holocaust denial movement.

    1. KM

      Kook alert. Fire up the Hubbelcraft
      Someone gets their information from Wiki and believes it.

      Did you check the sources on this Wiki page? NYT, WSJ, SPLC. You think these are credible sources? Ha. Have you done research about the studies finding immigrants are less likely to commit crimes? What kind of crimes? Violent crimes, petty crimes, sexual crimes, did you do any extra research? Another question you may want to ask: Are the “immigrants” illegal or have they received citizenship?

      Have you heard of MS-13? Or how about the border agent who had his skull crushed in by illegal aliens? Or how about Kate Steinle? Build the Wall.

      Just because Kobach is endorsing Krebs doesn’t mean she will work with the Trump administration. She’s already declined to do just that once.

  7. G.O.P.

    Does Krebs think she is going to be able to out-Trump Tapio?

    Also, can you imagine Jackley announcing the endorsement of the Kansas AG? It would be silly. Weak tea from the Krebs camp.


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