Keep an ear open… Things are happening.

Keep your ears open. I hear from many sources that it’s going to continue to be a hyperactive week in politics.

11 Replies to “Keep an ear open… Things are happening.”

  1. Angry Conservative

    Let me guess- Noem is going to transfer her federal $ to a state account so she can run for Governor. She would have to transfer it before IM 22 goes into law this week. She will be thwarting the will of the people who passed IM 22 and tick off all those donors like me who gave her $ thinking it was for a congressional run, not a gubernatorial run.

    1. Anon

      What part of IM 22 limited the ability to shift money from a federal account to a state one?

      And I’m willing to bet that the majority of Noem’s donors will be supportive of a gubernatorial run

    2. Anonymous

      Well didn’t she complete her congressional run successfully and with the money she still has on hand…I would say that is good money management.

  2. Lester

    She just won. So your money was good for its intended purpose. Bad law gets past you have to work around it.

    1. Angry Conservative

      She conned me into thinking my contribution was for congress, not governor. She was never up front about running for governor- she conned a lot of people

      1. Anonymous

        If you didn’t think she MIGHT run for governor you were asleep all year.

        Plus she used your money like everyone else and WON…so you are holding it against her she has some left over…yep she should have just blown it I guess

  3. father of three

    I don’t think it is a State law that would limit her use of the campaign funds. If I remember correctly, it is a federal law that says that funds raised for a federal campaign can only be used for that. If she decides not to run for a Congressional position, she could donate the funds to either another federal race or to a State party.